Article: Top 10 K-Dramas With The Worst Endings

We all believe that first impressions are memorable while the endings linger. Imagine watching a series so invested with a captivating plot and great expectations, only to encounter a disappointing end. All the thrills and excitement built earlier fall flat like a poorly executed plot twist, leaving us like a lost character waiting for closure. There is no doubt that a bad ending can undo an excellent plot. So, behold the worst endings of all time, as not every movie has a happy ending because these K-dramas decided to drop the ball at the last minute, leaving their audiences empty and dissatisfied, craving more.

1. Cheese In The Trap

The drama deals with a love triangle, ending with a cliffhanger. The fans were not only disheartened by Hong Seol’s choices, but as the series reached its climax, the leads parted ways. Yoo Jung departs from Korea for character development, giving the viewers hope of reconciliation and a happy ending.  In the meantime, Hong Seol sends emails as a coping mechanism to deal with her broken heart, but the main lead’s absence for three years only to reappear with just an email response at the end leads to a disappointing finale.

2. Stairway To Heaven

The K-drama is a cliché tale of two childhood best friends in love separated by some forced circumstances caused by evil characters. This story is based on jealousy and reconciliation and has a bittersweet ending that leaves its fans disheartened as it concludes with its fateful moments.  Han Jung’s sister, out of jealousy, tries to make her life miserable to the point that she develops amnesia. The series takes an exciting turn as she is reunited with her one true love, only to be tragically separated from him by dying in his arms.

3. Big

Not every story’s ending gives you the same level of satisfaction, and so goes this one with the unexplored realm of body-switching aspect. The storyline's ending left its audience questioning the whole drama, which started well but faltered toward the climax. The male protagonist getting trapped in his younger self didn’t make sense because the leads didn’t end up together. The faltered ending left its viewers wondering just what could go so wrong.

4. Fashion King

The infamous show of 2012 failed to captivate its audience with its notorious ending, which was rushed and unclear. The show also introduced a lot of unnecessary elements. Towards the end, the protagonist, Young Geol, is shot by the killer, whose identity never gets revealed in the entire show, leaving its viewers bewildered and curious.

5. Surplus Princess

In this series, you will feel the writer is trying to put many things on your plate in a limited time. The characters aren’t properly introduced, and the female lead keeps appearing and disappearing in the show. The drama couldn’t tie up loose ends and left its audience with an open-ended conclusion. Just when the viewers connected with the show, it felt flat with its hurried ending.

6. City Hunter

Though the show is a huge success, its ending left viewers yearning for more. The show has it all: an exciting storyline and charismatic characters, but still, its conclusion seems rushed. It even has a swoon-worthy romance, which is also left unfinished. The ending is ambiguous, raising many questions with characters going, some murdered, and so many things happening that lack timing and closure.

7. The Hymn Of Death

It is a tragic historical love story that captivates its audience with its gripping tale. Everyone knows the destiny of the pair who danced one last time on the ship they boarded together. The way they turn towards each other, holding their tears, and face their final moments leaves its audience wanting more with a bittersweet and tearful ending.

8. Scholar Who Walks The Night

It is a dark and romantic drama about humans and vampires. The captivating plot wasn’t worth the build-up and slashed hopes of a satisfactory ending with the hero’s unrealistic methods of dealing with vampires, which were logically not sound. There was no justification when the couple got back together, and it seemed it was for the sake of a happy ending, which only confused its viewers.

9. Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

The series with the worst ending caused its viewers to take a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It is a historical drama where Go Ha-Jin falls for a prince. Later, she dies giving birth, and Wang So doesn’t visit her, only to discover later about her affection from the letters he neglected that she wrote for him. The series left its viewers traumatized by emotional suffering.

10. God’s Gift – 14 Days

The series has an excellent opening and gripping storyline, but the conclusion failed to live up to the mark, followed by weak turns and plot twists. The story seems enthralling at the start when the hero tries to save the little kid by cheating time, but the story failed to reach the finish line strongly.