Article: Top 10 Thai Actress’s Who Ace Both In Good And Evil Characters

Actors aren’t everyone’s cup of tea; only the talented can become them. However, it takes a certain kind of talent to play every role convincingly. While some actors play good characters, others play bad ones. Yet, some actors have excelled at both good and evil roles equally well. There are times when they’re the villains and others when they’re the heroes.

In this article, let’s look at the Top 10 Thai actresses that can be both goodie and baddie.

1. Yaya Urassaya

Yaya Urassaya has shown versatility in Klin Kasalong (2019), as she appeared in both  good and in villain character. For her outstanding acting in this drama, Yaya Urassaya gets praised by the audience. Her roles include Kasalong/Pimmada, a sweet and kind-hearted woman, and Songpeep/Pimpisa, a cruel and selfish woman.


2. Chompoo Araya

Araya Alberta Hargate, also known as Chompoo Araya, has portrayed a sweet character in several television dramas, including Kaew Ta Warn Jai (2003), Plaew Fai Nai Fhun (2006), Anko Kon Ruk Strawberry (2013), The Cupid Series, and many more. The role she played as Raeya Wongsawet/Fah, a villain in the television drama Dok Som See, Thong earned her tremendous success in 2011.


3. Cris Horwang

Cris Horwang is so lovely in the roles she played in Bangkok Traffic Love Story (2009), Puen Ruk Puen Rissaya (2015), Bpai Hai Teung Duang Dao (2020), etc. In a remake of Mia Luang, she went from playing a sweet role to playing a villain as Ornin in 2017.


4. Yui Chiranan

Yui Chiranan has done a lot of television dramas. She played mainly pleasant characters in TV dramas such as Nok Ork (2005), Mae Sri Prai (2010), Susan Khon Pen (2014), etc. Additionally, the audience was notably impressed by Yui Chiranan’s performance in Nang Tard as Salee, a villain in 2008.


5. Aum Patcharapa

In various television dramas, Aum Patcharapa Chaichua has played a lead role. Aum is known for her roles as villains in television dramas, such as Kom Payabaht (2001) and Mia Luang (2009). It is noteworthy that she played both good and villain characters in the 2005 television drama Song Sanaeha.


6. Min Pechaya

Min Peechaya starred in her first lead role in Pla Boo Thong (2009). Because she was capable of playing two different characters, Auy and Ai (good and evil). Similarly, in the drama Song Naree (2019), she had two distinct roles, Song (good) and Neung (bad). Her performances in both television dramas were outstanding. Her versatility and sweet personality have also gained her viewers’ attention and love, and this quality has further strengthened and stabilized her career.


7. Bella Ranee

The television drama Roy Marn in 2011, which starred Bella Ranee as the character Methawee/May, made her debut as a villain. Buppesunnivas, the mega-hit TV drama of 2018, featured both good and villain roles played by Roy as Kadesurang / Mae Ying Karakade. Bella’s fans were very impressed with her.


8. Ploy Chermarn

Laila Boonyasak, also known as Play Chermarn, starred in several popular television dramas as leading ladies. At times, she also played a villain, and the audience applauded her for her performances.


9. Janie Tienphosuwan

In 2012, Janie Tienphosuwan became famous for her dual roles in the television drama Raeng Ngao as Moonin and Mootha. The roles she played in this drama were sweet as well as strong. She portrayed a villain character called Jai Rerng in the 2017 television drama Plerng Boon and achieved yet another remarkable achievement.


10. Jooy Warattaya

In countless television dramas, Jooy Warattaya played the sweetest characters, and people praised her for it. Jooy, who played the villain character Sai Nam Peung/ Peung in the 2014 television drama Samee Tee Tra, successfully caught the viewer’s attention and gained success.