Article: 10 Thai Dramas If You Love Crime And Mystery

Mystery dramas are becoming the new fad because it tests your mind and puzzle-solving skills. These dramas get handpicked for people who love to train their brains while watching movies and being baffled after coming to conclusions. These dramas have twists and turns which are impossible to predict. These dramas will leave you spellbound with their plots. These dramas will make you challenge your thoughts to find who the actual killer is and what happens after the killer gets caught. It is going to infuriate you and leave you entertained. We have got all the best-rated dramas to keep your thoughts running!

1. Manner Of Death

The series is about Dr. Bunnakit, a coroner at a local hospital who finds something fishy while conducting an autopsy on a woman who allegedly hanged herself. But the doctor rules out any such possibilities. It makes him the center of attack from a powerful unknown man. He decides to take the matter into his own hands and expose the killers of the lady. The investigation leads him to Tan becoming the prime suspect. Tan persuades the doctor that he is not the killer and helps him to find the real culprit.

2. 3 Will Be Free

The series is about Neo, a stripper who gets chased by Thana, a loan shark, and his whole gang after having a fling with his wife, Vanika. They finally catch hold of Neo in his bar. While he was running away from them, he ran into a gay man and the son of Thana, Shin, and the administrator of bar Miw, dodging her past. They accidentally kill one of the gang members. They must escape from the gang before they find them and also without romantically getting involved with each other.

3. He's Coming To Me

The series is about Med, a benevolent, wealthy man who dies under inexplicable circumstances on his birthday. He waits twenty long years for somebody to touch his grave so that he can reincarnate. But he discovers a boy, Thun, who can see and talk to him. Thun grows up and goes to a prestigious university. He finds out that Med got killed, and they together investigate his murder. But they fall in love with each other knowing that they can't be together.

4. HIStory 3: Trapped

The series is about an ace police officer and an aged gangster who got shot to death. The gang is survived, by his follower, Tang Yi, who is cruel and cold-blooded. Tang Yi is determined to find the murderer of his leader. Meng Shao Fei is an honest police officer whose out to find out about the murder of his fellow officer. Tang Yi and Meng Shao Fei get abducted and forced to survive in the cold hills. They start to develop feelings for each other.

5. Long Time No See

The series is about the famous hitman Flying Dagger falling in love with Wild Dog has a major secret that he hides. They get chased by gangsters because they find out that they are dating. After knowing his secret and facing many obstacles, it is worth seeing if their love will survive through all these difficulties.

6. Bangkok Love Story

The series is about a ruthless assassin, Mek, who got sent to kill an informant, Itt. But Mek is unable to shoot him and is attacked instead. They both escape to a safer spot, and Mek gets treated by Itt, who is married. Mek goes back to his boss to explain the situation, but Itt appears suddenly. It leads to a clash between the gang and Mek. They both fall for each other, but the circumstances don't allow them to be together.

7. Bloody Buddy

The series is about Fai and Kin working for the same company. Fai has had feelings for Kon for a very long time, but he conceals his emotions as he thinks he won’t reciprocate. The company plays a bonding game during New Year, where the person secretly takes care of the other person. Fai doesn’t get paired with Kin, but Fai still takes care of Kin. Fai got blackmailed by an anonymous person to confess his feelings in public, or his private pictures will be released. Kin discovers that it is Kin who blackmailed him. Kin feels apologetic and begins to fall for Fai.

8. Chasing Sunsets

The series is about two females falling for each other. The series covers important issues like mental health and HIV. The series tackles issues faced by lesbians in society. It is concerned with safe sex awareness and is lgbt+ friendly series with murder mysteries and thrillers.

9. Not Me

The series is about two twins, Black and White, who separated after their parents divorced. White gets sent outside the country and returns to Thailand after fifteen years. White is admitted to the hospital because he feels uneasy and thinks he is about to die. White discovers that Black got into a tragic motorcycle crash and is in a coma, fighting to survive. He suspects that it is his friends behind the accident and disguises himself as Black. But his friends become suspicious as he behaves differently and is ruthless, unlike Black.

10. My Imaginary Boyfriend

The series is about an amateur doctor, Pai returns to Thailand to study. Klong is his imaginary friend who has also grown up. But Klong doesn’t want to be his imaginary friend. The series is about letting go of the imagination and accepting reality, even if it means letting go of something that has always been a part of your life.