Article: Top 10 Cheapest Weddings In Korea

You are going to read about the cheapest wedding in Korea. Celebrities in Korea generally hold lavish wedding ceremonies in large and luxurious hotels complete with lots and lots of guests, expensive gifts, large crowds, and paparazzi flashing cameras blinding other guests at the wedding ceremony. But in recent years, many Korean celebrity couples have opted to hold small, more private, and beautiful wedding ceremonies instead of extravagant grand weddings.

So below are the top 10 cheapest weddings in Korea.


1. Bong Tae Gyu And Hasisi Park

A wedding took place at an outdoor cafe by actor Bong Tae Gyu and his wife, Hasisi Park. Their small wedding wasn't because they were artsy, but rather because they were tight on money and couldn't afford a bigger wedding.

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2. Won Bin And Lee Na-young 

 Leading actors Lee Na-young and Won  Bin surprised their fans back in 2015 by marrying in a wheat field in Jeongseon, in Won Bin's hometown of Gangwon Province. Their wedding ceremony was completely secretive, with only family members invited.

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3. Ahn Jae Hyun And Ku Hye Sun 

According to the reports, actress Ku Hye Sun and actor Ahn Jae Hyun chose not to get married in a lavish way but instead, donating the money they would have spent on a wedding ceremony to a children's hospital. The couple celebrated by having dinner with their families.

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4. Lee Hyori And Lee Sang Soon 

With a simple ceremony involving family members and close friends, singer Lee Hyori and musician Lee Sang Soon surprised the public in 2013. During their wedding ceremony, the couple exchanged vows in the garden of their Jeju Island home. Lee Hyori wore a dress she purchased in Thailand for 100,000 won for $87.17. While Lee Hyori did her makeup in her bedroom rather than an aisle at a wedding hall, she chose to walk down her backyard. A bike ride, a song made their wedding truly special.

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5. Rain And Kim Tae Hee

 On 19th January, the couple married after dating for nearly four years. Actress Kim Tae-hee and K-pop star Rain held a private and intimate wedding ceremony at a Catholic church in Seoul's Bukchon Hanok Village. Kim revealed a picture of herself wearing a simple dress with the veil she wore at her wedding. To keep Rain and Kim’s wedding as private as possible; they did not share the exact location with their guests until the day of the ceremony. The couple considered the current economic situation and decided not to hold an extravagant wedding.

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6. Park Hee Soon And Actress Park Ye Jin

 Actors Park Hee Soon and Park Ye Jin, who have dated for five years, got a marriage certificate instead of having a wedding ceremony on 27th January. During Hee Soon and Ye Jin's first wedding anniversary, they celebrated it with their closest friends at a restaurant.


7. Yoon Jin Seo

Three years after they began dating, actress Yoon Jin Seo and her non-celebrity boyfriend tied the knot in a private wedding at her house on Jeju Island in 2017 with only their closest friends and family present. The sheer simple white two-piece dress she wore with pearl buttons and styled with a tiara at the wedding venue décor and various guests sitting on the ground fit her style and aura perfectly.


8. Narsha And Hwang Tae Kyung

Actress and singer Narsha, a member of the South Korean girl band The Brown Eyed Girls, married businessman Hwang Tae Kyung. Narsha's real name is Park Hyo-jin. For the sake of avoiding the stress and hassle of planning and preparing a wedding, Narsha and Hwang chose to get married on the small island of Seychelles.


9. Musical Theatre Actor Kim Moo Yeol And Actress Yoon Seung Ah

 Actors Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah decided to have their wedding without a priest. They held the ceremony at a restaurant overlooking the Han River. In 2011, the two began dating. Moo Yeol and Seung Ah celebrated their quiet marriage with only their closest family and friends present.


10. Sung Yu-Ri And Ahn Sung-Hyun

 A low-key private ceremony took place in May 2017 to tie the knot between Sung Yu-ri, an actress-singer, and Ahn Sung-Hyun, a golf professional. Neither party revealed the venue, and only members of their families attended the ceremony.  The couple dated for four years and chose not to announce their wedding until the day after the ceremony. Sung's Instagram post on 16th July 2021 revealed she is expecting twins.

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