Article: Top 10 Ji Chang-Wook Dramas To Watch If You love Romcoms

Ji Chang-Wook is one of the most recognizable faces of Korean dramas. After his official debut in 2008 withSleeping Beauty, he has acted in various roles and is still active in the industry. Yet, if you are a kdrama fan and enjoy feel-good dramas, you have to admit that his male lead roles just hit different. Here are the top 10 romcoms starring Ji Chang-Wook you should check out if you like romcoms.

1. Suspicious Partner

This drama follows the story of Eun Bong Hee, an intern at the prosecutor’s office, who gets framed for murder. Ji Chang-Wook plays the iconic Noh Ji-Wook, who gets demoted for trying to help out Bong Hee. The drama has the right amount of humor, romance, and thrill.

2. Lovestruck In The City

Melodramatic yet realistic, this drama is a breath of fresh air. This drama follows different stories of lovers who go through the ups and downs of love in a complex city. The drama unfolds through interviews with six people talking about their dating lives. Experimental and impactful, this drama is a must-watch.

3. Melting Me Softly

The follows variety show producer Ma Dong-chan and a volunteer Go Mi-ran. They agreed to be a part of a 24-hour human cryopreservation experiment. However, because of a mysterious series of events, the experiment ends up lasting 20 years. The two face a world that has changed so much upon waking up. In addition to the physical consequences of being frozen for twenty years, the two also get involved in a conspiracy. They must find the antitode to heal them or lose their lives. The drama is light and funny; the acting isn’t overdramatic. Overall, it’s a good watch.

4. If You Wish Upon Me

Yoon Gyeo Ree has had a rough start in life. He was raised in an abusive orphanage, in and out of a juvie detention center in his teenage years, and served time in prison in his adult years. His life takes a turning point when the court orders him to perform community service, a part of which he becomes associated with Team Genie. This organization tries to grant the last wishes of terminally ill patients.

5. Backstreet Rookie

Based on the webtoonConvenience Store Saet-byulby Hwalhwasan and Geumsagong, the drama follows Dae Hyun and Saet Byul. They keep crossing paths until Saet Byul finally ends up working in Dae Hyun’s convenience store. However, Dae Hyun’s girlfriend Yeon Joo grows jealous of the new attractive part-timer. She tries to get Saet Byul fired, but Dae Hyun refuses because Saet Byul brings customers to the store. A little slow-paced, but the drama is a fun, entertaining watch.

6. The Sound Of Magic

This drama is based on a webtoon, Annarasumanara, written by Ha Il-Kwon. The story revolves around Yoon A-Yi, a high school student who is financially challenged. Because she had to face the harsher realities of life at such a young age, Yoon A-Yi stopped believing in magic. She only dreams of coming of age legally so she can have a stable job. That is until she meets magician Ri Eui in an abandoned amusement park, who helps her believe in magic again.

7. Healer

A mysterious past incident makes top reporter Kim Moon-Ho, a second-grade journalist Chae Young-Shin and a man named ‘Healer’ join forces to uncover buried truths. Although the series has a fair bit of action and drama, the rom-com aspect shines through. The dramatic moments' intensity is perfectly balanced with instances of humour.

8. Bachelor’s Vegetable Store

This drama series is based on a true story. The story follows Han Tae-Yang, a poor hardworking young man who is trying to be at a better place in life. He hires other young men in a similar situation, and they try to set up a business selling vegetables together. Tae-Yang also falls in love with Ga-On, a wealthy heiress with a dark secret.

9. Five Fingers

The story of this drama revolves around the brothers Yoo Ji-Ho and Yoo In-Ha. The brothers have to overcome traumatic memories of their childhood to find happiness. Their lives were turned upside down one night when their house caught fire, and they sustained mental and physical injuries. Fourteen years after the incident, the brothers meet Hong Da-mi and compete for her love, but she also has traumatic memories linked to that night.

10. The Empress Ki

If you are a sucker for historical romances, this drama is up your alley. The drama follows Sung Nyang, a Korean girl who pretends to be a boy, so she isn’t forced to become a palace maidservant. However, she gets caught in a conspiracy to execute Prince To Gon of the Yuan Dynasty. Eventually, she is discovered, but she joins hands with the prince to rise to the status of an Empress from a lowly servant.