Article: 10 Aesthetic Thai Series In 2021-2022

Filmmaking is an art, and these series prove the same. These series are aesthetically pleasing and will make you swoon over the beautiful filmography. All the series got captured in the most beautiful ways possible. These series are combinations of a good plot and captivating cinematography. These Thai series are a treat for your eyes.

1. Club Friday

The series is about a couple who lost their spark after seven years. The husband rarely spends time with her wife. The wife meets another man who becomes obsessed with her.

2. Love Rescue

The series is about a money-minded superstar who becomes a part of the emergency unit as a curse. He fails to be recognized by others as a superstar. He falls in love with a tomboy who disagrees with the way he works.

3. An Eye For An Eye

The series is about the CEO of a company dying, and this leaves his children unsettled. The children are on a quest to find out about the mysterious death of their father.

4. I Need Romance

The series is about an independent fashion marketing designer and a free-spirited songwriter. They cross paths and reminisce about the time they spent during their childhood together.

5. Dare To Love

The series is about a female becoming a partner in a law firm. As she is about to become the first female partner, she must prove herself and her rivals. An intern joins the firm, and he has had a crush on her for a long time. He tries to win her heart.

6. I See Dead People

The series is about a man who can see the dead. He overcomes his fear of seeing the dead as he learns about his lost love from the past.

7. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

The story is about a graduate who wants to wait for an advertising company and a physics prodigy. The two got forced to live together. They fall in love with each other and face obstacles together.

8. Love In Twilight

The series is about a man born on the cursed red moon, and he turns into a tiger at night. He needs to have sexual intercourse with a woman to break this curse.

9. Switch On

The series is about a surgeon whose father developed the best game in the world. He suddenly goes missing, and it’s upon the surgeon to find him by entering the world of video games. A hero from the virtual world follows her into the real world.

10. Somewhere Our Love Begins

The series is about a girl who helps a man escape thieves and mistakes him for the hotel driver. The man falls in love with her but later learns his brother also loved the same girl.