Article: 10 Thai Actors Who Are Complete Head-Turners In Black Tuxedos

Class, elegance, and beauty can be beautifully enhanced with one simple yet dark colour, ‘black’. Here is a list of 10 Thai actors who made heads-turn and hearts flutter with their ravishing looks in black tuxedos.

1. Perth Tanapon 

Perth Tanapon is an actor and singer. He is a member of the 10 member boy band named ‘Boyfriends’ and the 4 member boy band ‘TEMPT’. Perth starred in the 2017 drama ‘Please….Seiying Reiyk Wiyyan’ as Breeze. His most well-known role and also the role that brought him great prominence in the BL series ‘Love By Chance’.


2. Saint Suppapong 

Saint Suppapong is a singer and actor who ventured into the Thai entertainment industry in the year 2018 with one of the lead roles in the hit BL series ‘Love By Chance’ along with Perth Tanapon. Saint released his first-ever single, ‘I Crush On You’ on 14 July, 2019. It was a gift to his fans from his end and Saint had put in extra efforts in the song and even got involved in its production. In 2019 itself, he became a member of the 5 member boy group KissBoysTH.


3. Pon Nawasch

Pon Nawasch is a model and actor. In the year 2015, when he was chosen to invite Phra Maha Phichai Crown to receive the adornment of the Buddha statue, Ladkrabang. This was Pon’s entry into the Thai entertainment industry. Pon was a participant in the ‘Young Star, Mekhala, Year 2013’ contest and was awarded the Photographer’s Favourite Prize. In 2015 he won the WoW Young Man prize from the ‘Miner Young Wink’ contest. Pon starred in the 2017 drama ‘Sai Lub Abb’.


4. In Sarin Inpitar 

In Sarin Inpitar is a Thai actor and model. He became widely popular as the hot boy from Chulalongkorn University. After his graduation, In Sarin began working in the entertainment industry as a Get 102.5 DJ, and became an actor with his casting in ‘Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao’.


5. Pluem Purim

Pluem Purim is a Thai-Chinese actor, musician and singer. He is currently signed under GMMTV and is widely known for his role in ‘Happy Birthday’. He was even nominated for the ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ award at the 2020 ‘Asian Television Awards’. As a child, Pluem wanted to become a police officer and went to supplementary school for that very reason. He met Chookiat Sakveerakul there and began his acting career in 2013. Pluem thought his acting career would end after the film ‘Grean Fictions’, but his interest in the field grew more and more with every movie and drama that he was cast in, making him the brilliant actor that he is today.


6. Chimon Wachirawit 

Chimon Wachirawit is a television actor and model, famous for his roles in ‘My Dear Loser: Edge of 17’, ‘The Gifted’, ‘Our Skyy’, ‘Blacklist’, and, ‘Please….Seiyng Reiyk Wiyyan’. Chimon got his first lead role in the 2016 release film ‘Sweet Boy’ and was also cast in the series ‘Senior Secret Love: My Lil Boy 2’. Chimon has since been a part of the GMMTV and has worked many projects with them.


7. Singto Prachaya 

Singto Prachaya is an actor and model, widely popular in Thailand and other parts of Asia for his role in the 2016 drama ‘Stous: The Series’, as Kongpob. Singto played the lead role in ‘He’s Coming To Me’ in 2019, along with Pawat Chittsawangdee. They were awarded the ‘Best Dramatic Scene’ award at the LINE TV Awards (2020). His contract with GMMTV ended in April 2021 and since then he has started his own youtube channel.


8. Krist Perawat 

Krist Perawat is a singer, actor, and model, best known for his role in his debut work, ‘SOTUS: The Series’. This role gave him widespread recognition in Thailand and other parts of Asia. He released his debut single ‘The Door, Weather And A Good Day’, in 2018. His single was later used as a soundtrack on the TV Show ‘Mint To Be’, in which Krist would also be cast. Thanks t Krist’s huge Chinese fan-following, the show became one of the hottest Thai dramas to have aired in China.


9. August Vachirawit 

August Vachirawit is a model, singer, and actor. In 2014, August got his first lead role in the BL series ‘Love Sick’ as ‘Pete’ . His role as ‘Pete’ shot August into stardom in Thailand and other parts of the world. Since then, August has been a part of several productions under Channel 9, Channel 3, and GMM 25. August was cast as part of the main cast of ‘Pee Nak’ and ‘Pee Nak 2’.


10. Gulf Kanawut 

Gulf Kanawut is a model and actor. Gulf’s first role was a guest role in the 2015 released lakorn ‘Mafia Luerd Mungkorn: Singha’ under Channel 3. One of Gulf’s most well-known roles was as one of the main leads in the BL drama ‘TharnType: The Series’. Both the series and Gulf became immensely popular throughout Thailand and internationally after the drama aired.