Article: Top 10 Japanese Thriller Movies

When it comes to thrilling story lines, Japan seems to have mastered that domain. It is well known that the Japanese Entertainment Industry is famous for two main genres, the first one being Anime and the second one being Thriller. Thrilling films have a fan base of their own, people enjoy watching thrilling films because of the adrenaline rush it gives them. The most exciting part of watching a thrilling genre is that we don't know what might happen in the next scene, probably this is the reason people get anxious (but of course in a harmless manner) while watching a thrilling genre.

1. The Forest Of Love

The Forest of Love was released in 2019. It is a crime thriller film. The film is based loosely on real-life events, which occurred in Japan during the mid-'90s and early 2000s. The film was released and premiered on Netflix. The plot line follows the story where two scarred young women find themselves in the lives of a con-man and a would-be film making crew.


2. Battle Royale

The 2 hours 2 minutes long film, Battle Royale is an action thriller genre film. The film got released in 2000. The plot of this film is based on one of the best-selling novels of Japan with the same name as the film. The film is set in a fictional recession, where the Japanese totalitarian government lets 42 students fight and kill for themselves for their survival. The film got banned in several countries upon its release.


3. The World Of Kanako

This thriller movie is one of the best thrilling films in Japan. The World of Kanako was released in 2014. The film stars Kôji Yakusho and Nana Komatsu in the lead roles. The suspense film is a brilliantly made thriller film which is highly recommended for you to watch.


4. Outrage

With an IMDb rate of 6.8, the thriller film Outrage is a must-watch if you like the gang wars, politics of crime syndicates. The film is 109 minutes long. The film got released in 2010. Upon its release, the film performed very well in the box office of Japan.


5. Cold Fish

Cold Fish is a film of the drama, suspense thriller genre. The film was released in 2010. It is Directed by Sion Sono, who is a very well-known and respected director of Japan. Cold Fish involves the story line of a fish store owner who gets entangled with a serial killer couple.


6. Confessions

The drama and mystery genre film, Confessions is one of the most well-made movies in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. The film got released in 2010. The psychological thriller upon its release got both critical and commercial success. The film follows the plot line of a grieving mother when her daughter had died.


7. Audition

The film, Audition was released in 1999. Audition is a horror-thriller film. The film is quite popular across the world as one of the best horror thrillers of all time. The film follows the plot line of a widower and how he got involved with a potential partner, whom he found on an audition for a potential partner held by his friend for him.


8. Chaos

Chaos is a thriller and mystery genre Japanese film. The film got released in 2000. The film casts Masato Hagiwara and Miki Nakatani in the lead roles. This is one of the most appreciated mystery thrillers released in the 2000s.


9. Violent Cop

Violent Cop is one of the oldest thrillers of the Japanese Entertainment Industry. The film got released in 1989. Takeshi Kitano made his directorial debut with this film; Kitano acted and directed the film. The plot line involves Kitano taking on a sadistic crime syndicate.


10. Lesson Of The Evil

The film, Lesson of the Evil was released in 2012. The film is a horror-thriller genre. The lesson of the Evil makes many references to the culture of Germany. The film revolves around the main character Seiji Hasumi, played by Hideaki Itō, who is an antisocial sociopath and who kills people.