Article: Top 10 Patriotic Films Made In Japanese

It can be considered easily that movies had the power to change the world. In a world where think-pieces, podcasts, and comprehensive reporting have been produced regularly on large scale, It is always believed that a well-made film, with its audio-visual elements, may have a more enormous impact than any other form of media. Even when it comes to getting us worked up about our country, when the hero lifts the Japanese flag, it inspires us a sense of pride in this intangible thing known as Japan. Here are ten films that evoked a pure love for our nation and made us shout for Japan! Japan!

1. Onoda: 10,000 Nights In The Jungle

Onoda: 10,000 Nights in the Jungle is a 2021 adventure drama film directed by Arthur Harari and written by the filmmaker and Vincent Poymiro with Bernard Cendron's involvement, loosely based on Hiroo Onoda's life. It's a coordinated effort between France, Japan, Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Cambodia.


2. Oba: The Last Samurai

Oba: The Last Samurai, also known as Miracle of the Pacific, is a 2011 Japanese film directed by Hideyuki Hirayama and based on the true story of Captain Sakaeba and his survivors. They battled for 512 days on the island of Saipan.


3. Letters From Iwo Jima

Letters from Iwo Jima movie was inspired by the Battle of Iwo Jima, which was released in 2006. Clint Eastwood's film shows the inner agony of Japanese soldiers on the front lines. His superb presentation of the film through the eyes of Japanese soldiers provided audiences with valuable insight into the mindsets of warriors. The movie depicted the physical, spiritual, and emotional trauma that further followed the theme of despair and destruction. It has received numerous nominations, awards, and accolades in Japan and overseas.


4. Seven Samurai

A great classic film that elevates the virtue of the Samurai; samurai comes in fourth place on our list of the best Japanese war movies. Seven samurai captivates the audience with engaging characters and a simple plot that everybody can understand. The movie re-established the concept of "evil cannot triumph over good if there is solidarity".  Tokugawa Era, who was in the ragtag group of samurai, emerged as the last hope to save the villagers against its rulers. Roger Ebert, a film reviewer, awarded the picture five stars. Indeed, Akira Kurosawa's masterpiece sets a high standard for the popular Warrior genre.


5. Battle Of Okinawa

The Battle of Okinawa is a remarkable film about the horror of war,  released in 1971. The sense of urgency grows as the anticipated arrival of American forces brings life and liberty into question. The director of this movie wanted to portray the event as precisely as possible as per Japanese accounts. Indeed, in Japan, this was his top film of the year. With Kihachi Okamoto at the helm, Keiju Kobayashi leads the cast of this battle drama.


6. The Great War Of Archimedes

The Great War of Archimedes is a 2019 Japanese historical film about the construction of the battleship Yamato. The film is based on a manga by Norifusa Mita. It is a fictionalized account of the political maneuverings that led to the decision to build the Yamato, particularly around budget and cost difficulties. The film was dubbed across several languages and released globally.


7. Yamato

The Yamato battleship from World War II inspired the title of this 2005 Japanese war film. This movie focused not so much on the battleship as on the guys on board. The film serves as a tribute to the heroic Japanese men who fought for their country. The way the film narrates the tale is reminiscent of Titanic. The film's compelling combination of features makes it one of the most engaging Japanese combat films. Yamato is certainly a shoo-in for the top-rated list, having earned several honors ranging from technical to acting.


8. Japan’s Longest Day

After the nuclear bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese military and administration clashed over the unconditional demand of the opposition. Minister of the Army Anami leads several armed leaders who suggest fighting until the very end. Emperor Hirohito, on the other hand, was in favour of ending the war. When the military attempts to dethrone the Emperor, Anami was left with two options; betraying the emperor, or fighting until the end for the country.


9. Isoroku

A biopic based on the life of Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto takes the ninth spot on our list of Japanese war films. In this film, the strategic attack on Pearl Harbor comes to life on screen, people who are interested in Japanese World War II history, especially the attack on Pearl Harbor, will be shocked when the real story unfolds itself. This movie was released in 2011 and is a valuable element for understanding the man who planned a successful military attack against US forces at the beginning of World War II. Isoroku was proven to be a "well-crafted" movie, showcasing the real dynamics in presenting the facts without any exaggeration.


10. Minamoto Yoshitsune

Historic combat between the martial monk Musashibo Benkei and a skinny young man named Shanao took place in Japan during the late Heian era. This was the battle of Gojo Bridge, and despite stealing 999 swords from his defeated opponents, Benkei was severely injured by his young opponent. Benkei vowed his devotion to the superior swordsman and accompanied the young man who would become Minamoto Yoshitsune, the general who defeated the Taira clan in the Battle of Dan no Ura, establishing the Genji as the nation's most influential clan.