Article: Top Ten Evergreen Japanese Male Playback Singers

It is safe to say that music is healing and has a power of its own. There is always a different kind of euphoria when listening to music, and that may be the reason why singers are so well respected and loved. As music doesn't have any linguistic boundaries, it can be enjoyed by everybody regardless of whether they know the language. In this article, we have written about ten playback singers of the Japanese Entertainment industry whose music is enjoyed and loved not only in Japan but across the world. These male singers have set a base of loyal fans because of their great singing ability.

1. Ken Hirai

Starting the list with one of the most sought-after singers of Japan. Ken Hirai is known for his excellence in R&B, jazz, and soul genre. Ken Hirai is not only a great singer, who blesses our ears with his melodious voice, but he has also worked as a model and actor.


2. Masaharu Fukuyama

Those who enjoy watching Asian movies might be familiar with Masaharu Fukuyama as he has acted in multiple movies and television series but might not know that he is also one of the best playback singers of Japan. Masaharu Fukuyama debuted as a singer with the single, Tsuioku no Ame no Naka, in 1990 and since then has been climbing the stairs of success.


3. Takuya Kimura

Takuya Kimura is one of the most well-known faces of the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Takuya Kimura rose to fame as a member of the popular boy group of its time, SMAP. Takuya Kimura is one of the most reputed Japanese icons.


4. Jin Akanishi

Jin Akanishi is another playback singer of the Japanese Entertainment Industry. The talented singer doesn't only have great singing ability but he is also a great actor. Jin Akanishi was a member of the boy group, KAT-TUN. In 2009, he debuted as a solo singer after leaving the boy band.


5. Miyavi

Takamasa Ishihara popularly known by his stage name, Miyavi is a Japanese singer-songwriter and guitarist. Though the singer is Japanese, has roots of Korean ethnicity, as his father is half Japanese and half Korean. Miyavi has a distinguished style of playing guitar which is recognized by the public as the finger slapping style.


6. Jun Matsumoto

Jun Matsumoto who is also lovingly called as MatsuJun by his fans is a popular singer in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. The multifaceted singer is a member of the boy band Arashi, which is one of the best-selling boy groups of Japan and Asia. Apart from being a singer, Jun Matsumoto is active as an actor, radio host, model, dancer, and concert director.


7. Tomohisa Yamashita

Popularly known as Tomo or Yamapi, Tomohisa Yamashita has certainly made a name for himself in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Tomohisa Yamashita was a member of the boy group NEWS later he left the group. In 2008 he debuted as a solo singer.


8. Hyde

Hyde whose birth name is Hideto Takarai is a Japanese singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and also actor. He is one of the most successful playback singers in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. He is an established solo singer and is a Lead vocalist of the band Vamps since 2008. Since 1991, He was assigned as the lead vocalist in the rock band L'Arc-en-Ciel.


9. Daichi Miura

Daichi Miura is one of the most multifaceted artists in the Japanese Entertainment Industry. Daichi Miura is an excellent singer, songwriter, choreographer, and dancer. He even directs his concerts. He is an asset to the J-pop Industry. Daichi Miura often plays the piano and guitar while singing his songs.


10. Yuya Matsushita

Yuya Matsushita is an actor and singer. His domain is the R&B, hip hop, and Japanese pop genres. Yuya Matsushita is popular not only in Japan but even in overseas countries. He has starred in multiple movies, television series, and musicals. At such a young age, Yuya Matsushita has achieved many accolades. We can surely foresee his even more successful future as a singer and an actor.