Article: Top 10 Medical Korean Dramas

Medical dramas are famous for their educational and inspirational purpose. When the viewers are bored and weary with rom-com, they can watch Medical dramas. Medical dramas contain suspense and thrill. These genres of dramas have been set in an eerie and frightening manner. After all, visiting a hospital can be a scary thing. Many medical dramas pulled the heartstrings of viewers and continue to do. The medical dramas showcase the story of people diagnosed with life-threatening elements and how doctors can save them. Korean Dramas has done a brilliant job in carrying out the execution part of this Drama authentically and accurately. Here are the ten best Medical Dramas.

1. Doctor Stranger

Doctor Stranger depicts the life of a North Korean doctor who excels in carrying out every problematic surgery. He did many illegal and legal transplants as he was compelled by the government. When the Doctor reaches South Korea, he tries to earn money by treating patients at a hospital to find his lost lover.

2. Good Doctor

The good doctor is one of best and excellent dramas that features an autistic character as a doctor. The main character goes through many ups and downs to become a pediatrician resident at a prestigious private hospital. The drama unravels the different stories of different characters. The drama has an American remake too.

3. Kill Me, Heal Me

Kill Me, Heal Me dwells around the personality disorder of Cha Do Hyun, played by Jisung. He had suffered from a seven personality disorder. Then he sought help from a psychiatrist who unwillingly agreed to help him. The drama unravels the blooming romance between the Doctor and Cha Do Hyun.

4. If You Wish Upon Me

The slice-of-life Korean Drama explores the last days of patients at a hospital cum health care center. The hospital fulfills the previous wishes of patients. They try to make them happy and contained during their previous stage of life. The drama dwells on the life of different people with heart-breaking stories.

5. Hospital Playlist

The drama Hospital Playlist centers around life at a hospital. The drama explores the lives of four friends studying and working together. The experts and doctors have appreciated how this drama has carried out the execution plot of every medical surgery and experiment. The drama comforts and heals you at the same time.

6. Dr. Romantic, Teacher Kim

The drama explores life beyond the hospital. It tells the tales of people who have become doctors, and the main protagonist wants to diagnose every possible patient and help them enjoy life again. The drama showcases the life of Teacher Kim. Under his guidance, every corrupt doctor he meets gets back on the right track.

7. Descendants of the Sun

The drama showcases the budding love story between a doctor and a soldier. The female lead Song Hye Kyo is appointed to serve her time on the battlefield and encounters the love of her life. She goes on to treat the people inflicted with severe wounds. The drama showcases how it is essential to have a doctor on the battlefield.

8. Cross

The drama featured Go Kyung Pyo and Jeon So Min. The drama tries to showcase the ill effects and brutalities involved in organ trafficking. The drama explores the murder case of Go Kyu Pyo’s father in the drama and how he decides to become a doctor to avenge his father. The drama unravels the darkest and ugliest part of medicine and science.

9. It’s Okay; That’s Love

The drama explores the love story between a novelist and a psychiatrist. It successfully portrays the mental illness and side effects of not getting therapy. Many people in the world need to see a psychiatrist who can listen to them and recommend the right medicine. However, not many people agree to visit one. The drama showcases how people should be proactive in taking that same step.

10. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

The drama It’s Okay To Not Be Okay isn’t a complete medical drama but explores the serious issues about mental health and how one should cope with them. The drama showcases the buffer fly hug when someone suffers alone and has no one to talk. The drama have been set in a mental hospital where people have treated with love and care.