Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas Portraying The Transformation Of A Playboy Falling In Love With An Innocent Girl

Thai series has an excellent ability to portray character transformation, particularly when it comes to the well-known cliche of a playboy who falls in love with an innocent girl. Bad Boys and Playboy personalities are often attractive to girls, and nobody can deny that their charm and adventurous vibe is always appealing. However, some of them are known as Playboy's because they are unjust and unfaithful to their partner and frequently choose to change their partners. This article will examine the top 10 Thai dramas excellently capturing this theme. It also takes the viewers on a journey where a lovely but misguided male character experiences profound transformations after falling in love with sweet and innocent female characters.

1. My Beloved Enemy

Real estate tycoon and womanizer Songkran has a son named Pe. Songkran's wife left him and her son Pe to be with another man. After this, Songkran began to treat women as his toys and is nicknamed Invincible Casanova. Ingdao is a simple girl who does not put up with any crap. Ingdao and her family own a vast orange farm which Songkran wants to acquire. Due to Ingdao's appearance, she is often considered ugly. Songkran uses Ingdao's sister Ingjun to acquire the land, and after he takes the possesion of her portion of the land, he abandons her, leaving her devasted for which, Ingdao tries to take revenge on him.

2. U Prince: The Handsome Cowboy

Sibthid is a wealthy man and a womanizer who meets and instantly falls in love with Prikkang, who despises arrogant men. After they start learning and interacting, they find more things in common than they have ever thought.

3. Spicy Flavour Of Love

Rosirin is a girl whose family owns a substantial Isan business producing fermented fish. After Rosirin graduates and returns to her parents from abroad, she learns that her family is on the verge of going bankrupt. When Rosirin ultimately decides to take over the company, she begins borrowing money from her father's friend, who in exchange for his favor demands that Rosarin marry his useless playboy son Korn. Rosirin has no interest in him. Korn also thinks that Rosirin is not his type, and they are always in quarrels. However, Korn's sister loves Rosirin and tries to bring them together.

4. Duang Jai Nai Fai Nhao

Yiamyuth is a talented, financed young millionaire known as the God of Economics. Yiamyuth believes that money holds power and that money is everything. Having been abandoned by his parents as a child, he does not believe in love and instead uses women for his pleasure. Yiamyuth decides to take over his father’s company after learning about him, and in the process, he meets a cheerful and poor girl, Dao Neur. It was a rough beginning for Yiamyuth and Dao Neur, but eventually, they fell in love, and Dao Neur helped him learn about the Importance of love.

5. The Flame Of Our Love

The series depicts the story of Tharn and Orawee, a married couple who decide to adopt a child, a girl and a boy- Atcharee and Aekaong. The couple parts their way after Tharn cheats Orawee with Vichuda. The siblings also have to part ways after their parents got divorced. After many years, Orawee has become a successful businesswoman who is manipulative and abusive to her daughter. Orawee decides to wed off her daughter to a man whom Orawee can control i.e., Ben is a charming man with a playboy essence. Ben does not like Atcharee but agrees to marry her because of his family’s financial problems. Later, when Ben learns about the personality of Orawee and how she treats Atcharee, he pities Atcharee and begins to care for her.

6. The Sun Weaves Light

At a Bangkok-based interior design firm, Rasa works as an interior designer. The well-known wealthy playboy Pakapong was impressed by Rasa's past work, where she designed a hotel lobby, so she got a new take from Pakapong. Rasa's new boss is Pakapong, and as she heads to meet her new boss, she discovers she already knows him from when he almost killed her while careless water-skiing. Rasa is annoyed with Pakapong's attitude, and she chooses not to work with him. However, Pakapong refuses to remove Rasa from any other staff in the company.

7. Specific Bride

Poom Rattanabodin appointed Yei Mangeaw as a temporary replacement for his girlfriend Deurnchai Chattrakon, who is studying in Japan. The primary purpose behind hiring Yai Mangeaw is to present her in front of his parents so that they can not force him to marry the girl they want. The story proceeds and Poom falls in love with Yei, but Yai refrains from falling for him as he is her best friend's boyfriend who helped her family once when they were in trouble. However, at last, Poom and Yai end up together.

8. The Seawave

Tadd is a humble and beautiful girl. After graduation, she gets a marriage proposal from a wealthy acquaintance of her mother’s family. However, it soon becomes evident that the action of her future husband is something to be concerned about. Following their marriage, Tadd realizes that her husband has not changed at all, and as a result, she must deal with loneliness, scandals, and negligence.

9. Fiery Love Devil's Fie

Witsaton’s father lost his life after he found out that his mistress Khun Ji left him for a millionaire playboy Khun Narin, who is disabled. The unfortunate circumstances that Witsaton had gone through leave him with undying resentment towards Khun Ji. Then, to get revenge, an older Ton posed as an employee at his rival's hotel business. Khun Ja is related to Khun Ji and Khun Narin, who returned from abroad. Now, despite her suspicions about Witsaton and Khun Ji, she falls in love with Witsaton. One day, Khun Ja discovers Witsaton and Khun Ji kissing and nearly making out in the office, after which she digs into Witsaton’s past.

10. Casanova

Ken is a womanizer who dates many women concurrently. Ken decides to fool an innocent girl, Aim, into falling in love with him after she attempts to disclose him. However, at last, he fails and falls in love with her.