Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas Demonstrating Respectful Treatment Of Female Leads By Male Protagonists

In entertainment, where dynamic relationships are often overblown, it is refreshing to witness Thai dramas demonstrating the respectful and empowering interaction between the male and female characters. There are many Thai series that portray the female protagonist as weak and often bullied and manipulated by the male characters who do not value her. We all need a series that depicts the female characters being treated gently with a constant sense of respect. In this list, we will look into the top 10 Thai dramas that have portrayed a considerate treatment of their female leads by the male characters. This series will explore narratives where love, care, gentleness, respect, support, and equality are not only ideals but also essential elements of the story, creating a heartwarming and encouraging viewing experience.

1. Tawipob

The story revolves around Maneejan, who discovers that she can travel back in time using a mirror she bought from an antique shop. With the help of the mirror, Maneejan arrives at the house of a government officer, Khun Luang Akarathep Warakorn, who survived above a hundred years ago who survived over a hundred years ago. The sudden appearance of Manejaan causes Luang and the other members of the family shock. However, over time, she wins everyone’s favor, and the more she goes back in time, the more Luang and she begins to sense a connection. The series consists of a complex narrative that includes genres like romance, sci-fi, and comedy. The series also explores the behavior of Khun towards Manejaan, and the respect and support he had and gave to Manejaan are beautiful to watch.

2. Khun Chai Puttipat

Khun Chai Puttipat portrays the story of Phat, a young doctor who is not interested in love. While Phat's grandmother is trying to set up a date with Maratee, the second daughter of Thewaphrom, Phat's younger brothers are trying to see if any women can win his heart. As part of their plan, they send Phat to a beauty pageant i.e., Miss Sri Siam, where Phat instantly falls in love with Krongkaew, the pageant's winner. At the end of the series, Phat discovers in-depth about Krongkaew, an ordinary girl who is more precious than diamonds and gems, and to win her heart, he will do anything.

3. Destined To The Moon

Two identical individuals from different universes swap places on a whole moon night. Duangkaew is a quiet and conservative girl from the past, and Opal is a tomboyish and talkative girl from the present. Now, what will happen to Duangkaew and Opal and the people in both universes when these two switch places and their lives?

4. Khun Chai Ronaphee

Khun Chai Ronaphee depicts the story of the youngest of five Juthetheo brothers, in the Royal Thai Air Force. Ronaphee is still single among his brothers, so his two grandmothers have subsequently put their hopes in him marrying Wilairampha, the last Thewaphorm daughter. However, Ronaphee wants to marry a girl who will love him for himself and not for his wealth and status, and he meets Phiangkhwan on a film set, with whom he falls in love. The series includes many ups and downs, but it also depicts the love and respect Ronaphee has and gives to Phiangkhwan that will give you butterflies in your stomach.

5. My Ambulance

My Ambulance is a 2019 series that portrays the story of Peng and Tantawan, who have been in love with each other for 15 years. Tantawan is a girl who owns some magical powers. Tantawan begins to doubt Peng if he still loves her or not. One day, Tantawan meets with an accident where she gets seriously injured and loses her memories. A young, sweet, warm-hearted guy named Chalam appears in her life and reminds her of all those old feelings she had for Peng. However, things get complicated for Tantawan, and she cannot choose between Chalam and Peng, who is the one for her.

6. Dare To Love

Dare to Love is a series that portrays the story of a determined and adequate attorney, Thichakorn, who must prove herself to become the first female companion in her esteemed law firm. Due to too much workload, the firm hired trainees and interns to reduce the workload. Thichakorn meets Napawat, a new trainee at the firm, eager to succeed and earn his law qualification. Later, it was known that Napawat had a long-time crush on Thichakorn. However, during all the ups and downs going on in the firm, will he be able to win her heart?

7. Game Of Affection

Muanchanok is a woman who has seen many bad things in her life, and from visting her parents getting divorced to her father remarrying a much younger girl who is a former queen, the broken family of Muanchanok turned her into an ill-tempered and jealous woman who desires to reunite her parents. Lakkhanai is a successful senior manager and is a childhood acquaintance of Muanchanok and has liked her for a very long. It is an adorable story about the two main leads where Lakkhanai, despite everything, treats Muanchanok with care and love.

8. Angel Beside Me

Angel Beside Me tells the tale of Lin, a poor girl, is on the verge of suicide when she suddenly hears a loud crash through the ceiling of her room. Lin discovers that an angel, Michael Lansaladon, has fallen from heaven after seeing Lin trying to end her life. Michael is a blessed angel who can understand human feelings such as fatigue, taste, anger, pain, etc. Michael tries to help Lin overcome her tough times with love, care, and gentleness.

9. Khun Chai Pawornruj

Khun Chai Pawornruj is a government employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a great future in diplomatic affairs. Khun Chai Pawornruj is the second heir of the Juthathep family, who escaped from the fate of marrying a girl from Thewaphorom because his mother was a concubine. The girl Khun Chai Pawornruj was dating and suddenly decided to split with him, which made him heartbroken. Khun Chai Pawornruj gets deployed to Switzerland, where he meets Rasa, the daughter of a royal family. The two gradually fall in love, but Khun Chai Pawornruj is unaware Rasa belongs to a royal family.

10. Will You Marry Me?

The series Will You Marry Me portrays the story of Waenpetch, the free-spirited editor of Lovely Family magazine who believes that single is the best. Laising is a flower shop owner. Laising and Waenpetch don't match in marriage. One day, they both accidentally meet at a wedding ceremony where they catch the bouquet simultaneously. Since then, they have grown close friends as they exchange their opinions on marriage and love, and in the end, they begin to develop feelings for one another.