Article: 10 Miss Universe Thailand Beauty Pageant Titleholders

Formerly known a the Miss Thailand Universe (1954 - 1999), Miss Universe Thailand is the continuation of the beauty pageant that crowned the representative of Thailand at the Miss Universe pageant.

1. Anchilee Scott-Kemmis

Crowned - 2021

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is a Thai-Australian beauty pageant titleholder and a model. Scott-Kemmis’s mother is of Thai origin, while her father is Australian. Scott-Kemmis holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Sydney in Australia in the field of Sociology. As a child, Scott-Kemmis had been criticised due to her body figure. She began the "RealSizeBeauty" campaign to celebrate and raise awareness on redefining beauty and its standards.


2. Kulthida Yenprasert

Crowned - 2000

Kulthida Yenprasert is a flight attendant working with Thai Airways International. Kulthida studied at the University of Chulalongkorn, under the Faculty of Architecture, one of the most decorated and prestigious universities in Bangkok.


3. Sophida Kanchanarin 

Crowned - 2018

Sophida Kanchanarin is a banker and a beauty pageant titleholder. After successfully graduating from the University of Nevada with a degree in business administration (finance major) and successfully placing herself with a stable job, Sophida sought her parents' blessing and set into motion, her childhood dream of becoming a beauty queen.


4. Yaowalak Traisurat 

Crowned - 2003

Yaowalak Traisurat is a beauty queen and the winner of the Miss Teen Thailand beauty pageant titleholder in 2000. Yaowalak was a student at the King Mongkut’s Institue of Technology Ladkrabang. Her father worked as a professor at the Institue. In the year that she was crowned as the Miss Universe Thailand, she was a major press favourite and had won much expectedly. Yaowalak is the only Miss Teen Thailand also to be titled as the Miss Universe Thailand.


5. Chanaporn Rosjan 

Crowned - 2005

Chanaporn Rosjan is a model and a pilot. Chanaporn was the representative of Thailand at the Junior World Golf Championships in San Diego, between 1992 to 1996. Although she did not get placed at the Miss Universe beauty pageant, she did make an impact with her costumes, bagging the Best National Costume Award. Chanapron was the third Thai participant to win the Best National Costume Award given by the pageant; the other winners were Saengduan Manwong (1969) and Porntip Nakhirunkanok (1988).


6. Varinthorn Phadoongvithee 

Crowned - 2001

Varinthorn Phadoongvithee is a Thai businesswoman born and raised in Nonthaburi. Varinthorn made it onto the rankings for the most popular Beauty Pageant Contestants and also for the elite list of famous celebrities born in Thailand.


7. Chalita Yaemwannang 

Crowned - 2013

Chalita Yaemwannang grew up in Nakhon Ratchasima. She is an alumnus of the Suranaree University of Technology, Management Technology (Entrepreneurial Management). Chalita got her master’s degree from Bournemouth University, the United Kingdom in Tourism Management and Marketing. She went on to study further and obtain her Ph.D. from The Suranaree University of Technology, in English Language Studies.


8. Chanyasorn Sakornchan 

Crowned - 2011

Chanyasorn Sakornchan is a beauty queen and the beauty pageant titleholder. She was crowned Miss Universe Thailand by the 2010 Miss Universe, Ximena Navarrete. Chanyasron was a media favourite and had also won the Miss Photogenic award. At the Miss Universe competition, Chanyasorn failed to get placed, but she received the second runner-up award in the Best Costume Award.


9. Amanda Obdam 

Crowned - 2020

Amanda Obdam is a model and has worked with famous brands such as Sunsilk, PhaoHo, and School, among many others. She was crowned as the Miss Universe Thailand by Paweensuda Drouin, Amanda’s processor, at the event finale. Amanda is a graduate of the University of Toronto with a degree in Business Administration and Economics. Amanda had previously participated in Miss Grand Phuket, Miss Tourism Metropolitan Internation, and Miss Grand Rising Star, all in 2016.


10. Janjira Janchome 

Crowned - 2002

Janjira Janchome is a beauty queen. Janjira was born and raised in the Phitsanulok province of Thailand. Janjira obtained both her bachelor’s as well as master’s degree from Kasetsart University in Bangkok. In 2015, Janjira Janchome graduated from Chulalongkorn University, with a Ph.D. in Science.