Article: Top 10 Korean Dramas To Watch During The Summer

Summer vacation is the best time to relieve our stress and become relaxed. Everybody would have a bucket list to watch during their free time. Healing dramas do not have many plot twists and are pleasant to watch. They also involve the day-to-day lives and are good to watch for any mental health. There are many dramas that we can relate to in our daily lives. Here is a list of the top 10 K-dramas that are heart-warming and give a healing vibe, and are best to watch during the summer holidays.

1. Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha

Starring Shin Min Ah and Kim Seon Ho, "Hometown Cha Cha Cha" is one of the best healing dramas out there. Yoon Hye-jin is a dentist who comes to her village at the seaside and falls in love with Hong Du-sik, a person who is unemployed or does odd jobs.

2. Healer

As the title says, Healer is a drama aired in 2014 that comes under the genres of healing and romance. Staring Park Min-Young and Ji Chang-Wook, the series is about a reporter who gets interested in a case that happened in the past and tries to solve them. With the help of his fellow reporters coded with the name "Healers" he becomes an experienced one.

3. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is a Netflix series consisting of 2 seasons with 24 episodes. This drama falls under the category of healing, comedy, and romance. It is a journey of 5 friends who have been together since school till their 40s as doctors. It includes their various hospital adventures, relationships, and other daily lives.

4. Because This Is My First Life

Because This Is My First Life is a healing drama aired late in 2017. This Rom-Com drama casts Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min and is about a man in his late 30s who spends his entire money on his house and becomes financially unstable. He finds another woman of his age, who is also hopeless. The story involves how they get into a relationship.

5. It's Okay To Be Not Okay

A top-rated healing drama starring Kim Soo-Hyun and Seo Yea-Ji, "Okay To Be Not "is about a children-book author. She develops feelings for a man employed in a psychiatric ward to write down the condition of his patients and take care of them.

6. 18 Again

A man in his late 30s is on the verge of getting divorced. Upon wishing to live his life to the fullest, he magically turns into a younger version of himself from 11 years ago. He fights to keep up his marriage and protect his kids. 18 Again is a fun series to watch during summer.

7. It's Okay, That's Love

The "It's okay, that's love" series is a drama that was aired in 2014 and can be healing to date. The romance melodrama stars Jo In Sung, Gong Hyo-Jin, and many popular casts. It is a storyline between a psychiatrist and an author. With excellent soundtracks and portraying perfect chemistry, this drama is a perfect watch for summer.

8. Reply 1988

A group of 5 friends grows together in the same neighborhood. They always hung out together, and their families were close. They had different kinds of adventures together when they were children. This drama describes the nostalgic days they had back in 1988. This drama, "Reply 1988" is a part of the Reply series.

9. Navillera

Navillera is a webtoon-adapted drama. A 73-year-old man, Shim Deok Chool, finds a track to follow his dreams after long years of working in the post office. He joins a ballad class, where he meets a 23-year-old man, Lee Chae-Rok, who struggles to follow his dreams. Lee Chae-Rok rightly meets with Deok Chool when he finds hardships in life.

10. When The Camellia Blooms

Starring Kang Ha-Neul and Gong Hyo-Jin, When The Camellia Blooms is a Rom-Com aired in 2019. It involves the story of a bar owner, targeted by a serial killer, who meets with a playful police-man, who turns out to protect her later in the series. This series has 40 episodes with a total of 35 minutes of airtime.