Article: Top 10 Blockbuster Korean Movies Of The 90’s

The decade of 1990s was a very significant time for a lot of aspects of the economy as well as for the entertainment industry. The Korean entertainment industry too took the same route as the entertainment industries around the globe and as a result, the movies and dramas produced by the South Korean entertainment industry began to gather international audiences. There are a lot of blockbuster movies of South Korea that are produced every decade, however, the movies of the '90s undertook drastic changes in aspects such as direction, storyline, acting, and even the performance in the box office. In this list, we have included ten such blockbuster South Korean movies of the the'90s.

1. Christmas In August

Christmas in August is a South Korean film that got released in 1998. The film is one of the significant films of the South Korean entertainment industry which left a huge impact all over the world especially in Asia. This Romance-melodrama film is ranked 4th in the highest-grossing South Korean films of 1998.


2. Shiri

Shiri is another South Korean film that rewrote the history of the South Korean entertainment industry. It is the first movie produced in South Korea that was inspired by the Hollywood style of movie-making. The film was a huge blockbuster upon its release at the box office in 1999.


3. Seopyeonje 

Seopyeonje is another film of the '90s that wrote history in the South Korean entertainment industry, it was released in 1993. This musical drama film earned attention on the traditional Korean culture. This film is one of the first to garn over 1 million audiences at the box office.


4. Green Fish

The South Korean film, Green Fish is another blockbuster film of the 1990 decade. The film stars some of the greatest actors of South Korea today, Han Suk-kyu. The film got released in 1997.


5. An Affair

The storyline of this film revolves around an affair and justifies the title of the film. The film got released in 1998. The film was a box office success. The film stars Lee Jung Jae and Lee Mi-sook in the lead roles.


6. To You From Me

To You from Me is a South Korean film that can be categorized under the genre of erotic drama. The film got released in 1994 and did excellent business at the box office. This film stars Moon Sung-keun and Jeong Seon-kyeong in the lead roles.


7. Two Cops

Two Cops stars the now veteran South Korean actor Ahn Sung-Ki and Park Joong-hoon in the lead roles. The film got released in 1993 and is one of the highest watched movies of 1993.


8. How To Top My Wife

How to Top My Wife is a South Korean film that got released in 1994. The cast of the film includes Choi Jin-sil, Park Joong-hoon. This film follows the plotline where a director hires a hitman to kill his wife as he finds it difficult to divorce her as the girl, he has an affair with keeps pressuring him to leave his wife.


9. Nambugun: North Korean Partisan In South Korea

This war drama film got released in 1990. The film became one of the best-selling movies of 1990. The film follows the storyline of a war partisan and correspondent as he experiences the Korean war.


10. General's Son

General's Son is the first film of a trilogy. The film got released in 1990 and starred Park Sang-min and Shin Hyun-Joon in the lead role. This is one of the most-watched films of 1990 and 1991.