Article: Top Ten Korean Actors Who Took The Effort To Get Their Characters Lived

Several actors practice method acting to connect and live their characters for a particular role. Method acting refers to the different techniques used to invoke a connection and understanding of a given character to bring out the best expression. Some scripts require an actor to prepare for the character for an extensive amount of time and also there is a character that does not require any special training or method acting. There are some movies and dramas which we love for the great acting, however, the acting that we saw on our screen is just the end product from the end of the Actors, but in reality, the actors took extensive efforts to bring the characters to life.

1. Lee Jong-Suk

Commencing this list with one of the popular South Korean actors of the current generations, Lee Jong-suk has proved his wide range of acting abilities in different genres. Though the one thing which the actor was left behind was the inability to ride a motorcycle. The actor took extra effort to learn how to drive a motorcycle for a particular scene in the drama, Doctor Stranger.


2. Choi Min-Sik

Choi Min-sik is a veteran actor of the South Korean entertainment industry. He has gained recognition for his excellent acting skills when he starred in movies such as Oldboy, I Saw the Devil, etc. It was for the movie Oldboy when Choi Min-sik took the effort to live his character to the maximum as he lost and gained weight for his character according to the time sequence, he also did most of the stunts himself as he trained for six weeks.


3. Shin Min-Ah

Shin Min-ah rose to fame after starring in the fantasy Korean drama, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, since then she has starred in various genres. The actress took the extra effort for the movie Diva where she played the character of a diver. For her character to bloom into a professional diver in the movie, she had taken four months of training for diving.


4. Song Joong-Ki

Song Joong-ki is another South Korean actor who makes sure to deliver excellence in the outcome in his every acting gig. The perfect outcome surely doesn't occur effortlessly. Song Joong-ki had to learn Italian like an Italian native for his role in the drama, Vincenzo, where he plays an Italian mafia lawyer.


5. Kim So Yeon

Kim So Yeon is known for her performance in the hit K-drama, The Penthouse. Kim So Yeon played the role of a soprano in this drama. She also had to play the piano in this drama for which she took training to play the piano for months.


6. Choi Minho

Choi Minho is not only an excellent rapper, singer, songwriter, he is also a great method actor. The SHINee member is known for his athletic skills, he polished it further for the drama, To the Beautiful You, he had taken special training for the high jump from a former national high jump athlete.


7. Kim Ji Won

Kim Ji Won overcame her fear of water for her character in the Korean drama, Lovestruck in the City. In this K-drama, her character had to surf in the water for quite some scenes for which she overcame her fear of water.


8. Lee Je Hoon

Lee Je Hoon blessed us with his shirtless scenes in the drama, Move to Heaven. In this drama, he played an MMA player where he had to be shirtless but to achieve this jaw-dropping body was certainly not an easy task. He had to rigorously exercise for 6 months to achieve the body that we saw on screen.


9. Song Kang

Song Kang is proving to polish his acting skills and dedication towards his skills with each passing day and viewers can witness it on their screens as well. The actor took lessons for ballet for six months as he had to play the role of a ballet dancer in the drama, Navillera.


10. D.O

D.O is a popular example of a successful idol actor. He is known for his natural acting. The multi-talented artist took extra effort for his role in the movie Swing Kids. He had to tap dance in the movie for which he took lessons on tap dancing for five months.