Article: Top Ten Controversial Chinese Celebrities

The reasons for crime are multi-faceted. People break the law for various reasons, including poverty, parental neglect, low self-esteem, and alcohol and drug abuse. Some people are more likely to become criminals as a result of their birth circumstances. Take a look at some of the Chinese celebrities who have been involved in controversies.

1. Zheng Shuang

According to reports on the Chinese state television network CCTV, Chinese actress Zheng Shuang's bad luck in 2021 has continued, with tax authorities saying she has been fined 299 million yuan ($46.1 million) for failing to submit her total taxable income. Following a surrogacy scandal in January as a Prada brand ambassador, Chinese tax authorities opened an investigation in April into allegations that Zheng used "yin and yang" contracts (which document "official" and "unofficial" payments for entertainers) to hide her income. The yin and yang contracts were first brought to the public's notice in 2018 when celebrity Fan Bingbing was clicked wearing one.


2. Kris Wu

After being accused of recruiting underage girls and forcing women into sex, Chinese-Canadian singer Kris Wu, better known in China as Wu Yifan, became a popular subject on Chinese social media in the summer of 2021. Meizhu Du, a 19-year-old student, was the first to accuse Wu of predatory behaviour. Since then, at least 24 other women have come forward to accuse Wu of inappropriate behaviour and seducing young women into sexual relationships. We got arrested on accusations of rape on July 31st, despite his denial of all claims. Weibo's servers appeared to be struggling to keep up with the influx of traffic once the news broke and comments poured in.


3. Zhao Wei

The Global Times headlined Zhao as a "scandals-hit actress" the day after she got fired, describing the several litigations surrounding her investments, including an early position in Alibaba Pictures Group, a film studio owned by Jack Ma's Alibaba Group. 


4. Edison Chen

Edison Chen is a Canadian-born Hong Kong actor, singer, and entrepreneur whose sex photo scandal in 2008 rocked the Chinese entertainment industry. Although this issue partially involves the Hong Kong entertainment sector, we've included it because it's equally well-known in mainland China. When intimate and private images of the actor with numerous women, including actresses Gillian Chung, Bobo Chan, Rachel Ngan, and Cecilia Cheung, began to circulate on the internet, the scandal erupted. 


5. Man Wenjun

In May 2009, the famous music star Man Wenjun (1969) with heroin during a raid at the Beijing Coco Banana nightclub, where he was celebrating his wife's 40th birthday in a VIP suite. I Understand You, and Longing for My Hometown are two of Ma's most well-known songs. He was also one of the artists who performed the theme song for the 2008 Olympics, Beijing Welcomes You. The musician and his wife were arrested, along with around ten others who tested positive for drug use. said that an unnamed drug dealer told the media that the celebrity pair was a frequent drug user.


6. Li Daimo

Li Daimo (born 1988) is a Chinese singer who rose to prominence after appearing on the first season of The Voice of China in 2012. Li came out as gay in July of 2013. Many internet users praised Li for coming out, and he received a lot of support from his fans and followers. However, Li's image was tarnished in March 2014 when he was arrested by Beijing police for narcotics possession. Li was found guilty and received a fine as well as a nine-month prison sentence.


7. Huang Haibo

Huang Haibo (1976) is a well-known award-winning Chinese actor who made headlines in 2014 after soliciting a prostitute at a Beijing hotel. The then-39-year-old was dubbed China's national "son-in-law". Huang was detained on suspicion of employing prostitutes in May 2014, and he was sentenced to 15 days in prison, followed by six months of "custody and re-education," according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.


8. Zhang Mo

Zhang Mo (born 1982) was a well-known actor in Chinese television dramas and films, best known for his major role in the film Let the Bullets Fly. He is also the son of Zhang, a well-known actor, and producer. The actor was arrested in Beijing in July 2014 for unlawful drug use. He was sentenced to six months in prison and fined 5,000 yuan ($800) for drug usage and supplying others with a place for drug use. On Chinese social media, the incident went viral, with many people pitying father Zhang Guoli for having to deal with such a difficult kid.


9. Fan Bingbing

In late May of 2018, Fan Bingbing, one of China's most well-known and well-paid actresses, found herself in the heart of a social media maelstrom. For just four days of work on the film Cell Phone 2, the actress allegedly received a total payment of 60 million yuan ($9.3 million), she allegedly only submitted 10 million ($1.56 million) to authorities. Cui Yongyuan, a Chinese TV host, published two different contracts on social media, one of which supposedly stated the actress was paid a total of 10 million RMB for her work, which purportedly showed a payment of 50 million RMB for the same work.


10. Tong Zhuo

Tong Zhuo (1994) is a Shanxi-born Chinese musician, actor, and TV host who made headlines in June 2020 after that he had cheated on the gaokao, the national college admission exam. When Tong was conversing with followers over a live stream, the scandal initially surfaced. With one hand over his mouth, Tong, 26, revealed that he had faked his identity for the gaokao: "We used a lot of so-called guanxi (connections) then I became a fresh high school graduate," he added, laughing.