Article: Top 10 Thai Dramas With Bromance

Thailand is undoubtedly one of the best places to travel, offering a paradise of delectable cuisine, stunning beaches, top-notch shopping, and welcoming folks. The Thai film business is also something to keep an eye on, even if we all already know it's one of the most well-liked tourist locations for eating, unwinding, and shopping. Thai dramas are a well-liked fiction category on Thai television. Thai dramas feature engaging narratives about life, misfortunes, and love, much like their Korean counterparts. It undoubtedly helps that their leads are consistently equally as brilliantly gifted as they are gorgeous. Here are some of the best Thai dramas

1. 2gether: The Series

The series is based on the best-selling book of the same name written by JittiRain and follows the escapades of Tine (Metawin Opas), a law student in his first year of college who is eager to make friends and experience college life when he is pursued by a persistent gay admirer, trouble results. There isn't any pointless strife or drama. The only emphasis of the plot is the romance between Tine and Sarawat. It offers a much-needed break and is filled with corny and humorous moments between the two to make people laugh.


2. Roommate

Two college students who must share a room are the subject of the Thai BL series Roommate. The main lead is living alone, but his mother and her closest friend set up their sons to live together. These unplanned housemates must adapt their habits and deal with their radically dissimilar personalities of each other.


3. You Never Eat Alone

The innovative Thai BL series You Never Eat Alone focuses on mental health. The main character in this quirky comedy has a particular fear of dining alone. He can’t enjoy dinner by himself and must always locate a companion. A series about mental health called You Never Eat Alone is presented as a deliciously odd comedy. The drama centers on a charming, eccentric protagonist while examining the stigma and difficulties associated with his mental condition.


4. Golden Blood

The son of a mafia boss is the focus of the Thai series Golden Blood. The main character has a muscular bodyguard on duty around-the-clock since his life is in immediate danger. While sharing a residence and dealing with ongoing threats and assassination attempts, the two develop a bond. The plot is simple and easy to follow, outlining all the significant developments in detail. Even while the narratives aren't particularly complex, you can still anticipate one or two surprises along the way. This action-packed series includes well-choreographed battle sequences and steamy romance dialogues.


5. Cupid's Last Wish

Win and Korn were best mates growing up. Conflicts occur when Win's father leaves Korn a portion of the farm's stocks in his will. After certain misunderstandings, their 22-year friendship ends. When Win gets into a vehicle accident with his sister Lin and wakes up to discover his soul in her body, their paths intersect. Win travels throughout the country in Lin's body to collect holy water from 4 temples within seven days to return to his original body. He is traveling with none other than Korn, his former friend who is now his enemy.


6. Love Stage

The Thai series Love Stage is taken from a Japanese manga. Although the protagonist hails from a prominent family, he has no interest in becoming famous. He wants to live a regular life and despises the spotlight. He unexpectedly bonds with a young idol, and the two struggle with popularity, privacy, and controversies.


7. Kiss Me Again

This incredible series is a precursor to the renowned "Kiss: The Series" which was a smash hit when it was first released. The tale also shows you the three sister's lovely bonding in addition to the highly fascinating love story. The audience is captivated by "Kiss Me Again"even though "Kiss: The Series" appears to be the more popular and well-liked drama between the two because of its relatable connections and the increased screen time of Pete and Kao, the couple's fans' favorite characters.


8. Dark Blue Kiss

Before viewing Dark Blue Kiss, continue reading Kao, Pete, Sun, and Mork's story from KISS ME AGAIN. Being in a happy relationship, Kao and Pete have gotten closer. But because Kao is secretive about his sexuality to his mother, he dreads the idea of her finding out. The son of a coworker, Non, is then introduced by his mother since he needs Kao's tutoring. Non's repeated "iffy" behavior around Kao feeds Pete's resentment.


9. The Moment

Thai television program The Moment takes place in a resort. After the heartbreak, the main lead went to a bar. He runs across a friendly bartender one night after being wasted, and she starts showing interest in him. Together, they set out on a trip to help him heal his wounded heart. Both The Moment and The Moment Since are respectable black-and-white dramas. The simplicity of the love story makes it elegant.


10. The Best Story

The Best Story is a short series, you can finish in about two hours if you're searching for a sweet and thoughtful high school love story. The lead character in this Thai drama develops a secret crush on a male classmate but is hesitant to admit his thoughts. The main character attempts to summon the guts to reveal his love as the conclusion of their senior year approaches.