Article: Top 10 Popular Non-Human Characters Of Korean Drama

Non-human characters are fun to watch, but their certain factors of personality make them likeable. The personality traits of humans such as loyalty, friendship and love, or sometimes it's the way they handle their part. The fact that people aren't even sure of their existence makes them quite hard to love, but the characters must be too good to gain that unique position in people's hearts. There are plenty of supernatural dramas where characters from other worlds, such as vampires, werewolves, nine-tailed beings, demons, and much more exciting creatures' presence, have won the hearts of people around the world. These characters have received praise for their part, role and way of playing the part. Here, we will talk about the top 10 popular non-human characters in Korean drama.

1. Haru (Extraordinary You)

Extraordinary You is a great piece to watch that features a comic world whose characters, one by one, get to know about their reality that they are mere characters of comic books. Haru is the male lead who is responsible for strange happenings in the funny world, and he is not a human since he is a comic character like others. The female lead and the male lead were driven from another story of ancient times where they were allegedly killed by the villain, who also realizes the fact and tries to sort out what he started.

2. Kim Shin (Goblin)

Goblin is an amusingly popular piece that attracted an international audience due to its excellent storyline, plot, and roleplay. The story is of a girl who is the bride of a goblin who does not let her lousy fate touch her. The genuine care shown and the unbeatable love story between the two figures is another factor that draws the audience towards it. The show features several other non-human characters, such as Grim reappears.

3. Arang (Arang And The Magistrate)

Arang is a spirit, more specifically a ghost, that is unable to recognize her murderer and is desperate to get to know about her death. The story's lead is a government officer who has unique abilities to talk and interact with ghosts that make him fearless of them. The officer wants to know the truth behind his mother's death. Arang asks him for help, and he agrees, knowing that she could be the key to the case of her mother's death.

4. Jang Man Wol (Hotel Del Luna)

Jang Man Wol is the CEO of a mystic hotel called Del Luna, responsible for serving and preparing the spirits for their afterlife. The show was a great hit and comprised various cameo of renowned stars. Jang Man was stuck in her CEO's position for some miserable thing she did in her past life. The show was a super hit and enjoyable to watch, along with another character, the hotel manager, who was quite afraid for his job first but changed later.

5. Dan (Angles's Last Mission)

Dan is an angel who has made a particular mistake due to which he is tasked with finding love for a cold-hearted blind ballerina who was one of the best in her field before her accident. Her relatives were not letting her undergo successful oppression for selfish intentions. She was the daughter of the owner and might risk their positions. Dan tries his best to make up things for her but, in the process, falls in love with her.

6. Do Min Joon (My Love From The Star)

As the title suggests, the lover in the series is from the stars, indicating the alien presence because they are usually referred to as ones who have arrived to us from distant stars. Do Min Joon is a prevalent character who is an alien residing on Earth for about 400 years. He also possesses various incredibly extraordinary superhuman abilities, but he keeps the distance to hide his identity from being revealed.

7. Yeon Seo (The Sweet Blood)

Yeon Seo, the protagonist, is a 118-year-old half-vampire born to a vampire father and human mother who deems to live everyday life, and thus, she decides to blend with people who appear close to her age, i.e., school-going kids. She wants to graduate from high school without being bothered by supernatural beings, but due to a schoolmate with sweet blood, things turn upside down, and creatures begin to get attracted by his blood smells, and she decides to guard this guy at any cost.

8. Nam Shin III (Are You Human Too?)

As the title suggests, the series is about the AI generation featuring the presence of robots. Nam Shin III is a robot sent by her mother to replace the original Nam Shin III, his son, to race from the heir of Chaebol. Her mother, Laura, did it as his son went into a coma after a brutal assault by the assassins. The series also features a bodyguard who is surprised by the strange behaviour and wants to get to its root but soon falls for him and guards him from the same people who tried to hunt the original Nam Shin.

9. Kang Chul (W)

Kang Chul is not absolute; he is a webtoon that exists in an imaginative world. The story is fantastic and witnesses an unbeatable romance between a webtoon called Kang Chul and a surgeon of the natural world who gets into an alternative universe while searing for his father's mysterious disappearance.

10. Mi-Ho (My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho)

Mi-Ho is a Gumiho's human form who is named so by the protagonist, who accidentally frees her from a sealed painting. When the protagonist is about to die due to a fall, Gumiho gives him her fox bead to escape it, and later, they both have a deal that she'll let him keep the fox bead if he helps her to be more like a human.