Article: Top 10 Stunning Anime Featuring Witches And Wizards

The terms witches and wizards are linked with magic, which can indeed fill the environment with its magical essence. The beauty of this essence is the thing that fills the world with a beautiful imagination powerful enough to paint the dreams of a young mind. The theme is fascinating to watch by even adults when added with real emotions, the thing anime is impressive with. Together, they constitute a power-packed anime that can steal the hearts of global audiences. The fantasy factor is a wow factor combined with the concept of witches and wizards.

1. Witch Hunter Robin

As the title suggests, The Witch Hunter Robin is about a team of witch hunters who have set off their feet searching for witches who misuse their powers to torment others. The plot circles Robin Sena, one who uses their craft of fire to hunt down the witches born in Japan.

2. Tweeny Witches

Tweeny Witch is a great anime produced by Studio 4°C with an English release at Animax. The story follows Arusu Arisugawa, an ordinary girl fascinated with magic. She then enters a world that makes her wishes come true, a world with magic, so she maintains the book of Witch's Sapphire to perform music. She succeeds and joins a group of witches but is unsatisfied, looking on to its dark effects.

3. Witch Craft Works

Witch Craft Works is a likable anime adapted from the work of the same name. The anime talks about the relationship between an ordinary boy and a witch who protects him from his power within. The anime begins with Honoka being a normal boy who got into a magical world and attacked by witches but is protected by a popular girl from his school, revealing an extraordinary power within him.

4. Rental Magica

Rental Magica is a great piece that features a guy named Itsuki Iba who needs to manage Astral, an inherited business that deals with magical issues. The problem is he needs to lead a team of skilled magicians to make his business work and deal with various issues, including protection against supernatural beings and exorcisms.

5. Black Clover

Black Clover is one of the most popular anime of modern times. It is set in a magical world where society considers the people without it outcasts. Despite this remark, the hero Asta tries his best to compete for the Witzard king of the Clover kingdom and, due to his determination, possesses a grimoire with anti-magic qualities. His top opponent is his friend, a magic prodigy with a mystic four-leave grimoire.

6. Kiki's Delivery Service

Kiki's Delivery Services is about a delivery service made possible due to flying magic by a young witch who leaves her family behind at 13 as a tradition to become independent. Since she is pretty remarkable with her broomstick, she sets to coastal areas to start her journey, discovers and discovers herself, and meets different creatures and characters.

7. Howl's Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle is an excellent piece by Ghibli that bizarrely features witches and wizards. The characters are Howl, a wizard and the witches of wastes, and Sophie. The plot was that Sophie was trapped in an old lady's body due to the effect of the spell by Witch Of Waste, an ex-lover of Howl. She got into Howl's floating castle to look for a remedy and fell in love while looking for a way to break free of Calcifer's curse, who promised to get her cured in return for his freedom.

8. Strike The Blood

Strike the Blood is about a guy whose ordinary life turns upside down when he overnight transforms into a fourth progenitor, the strongest vampire with the prophecy to destroy the world. The series also comprises witches, wizards, and supernatural beings set in the modern world of Itogami Island in Japan. One of the most popular witches is the Witch of Void, a school teacher at the Itogami Island school.

9. Redo The Healer

Redo the Healer is filled with heroes of magic, bullets, healing, swords, and other mystical beings, including powerful sworders. The concept is controversial yet distinct and revolves around the hero of healing and his revenge. In the rage of revenge, he redoes the entire world and hatches a plan due to which he could alter the new timeline in his favor and punish those who badly tormented him.

10. Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka

Korewa Zombie Desuka is an exciting anime featuring a zombie brought back to life by Eucliwood. Plenty of mystical creatures include sworders, unearthly beings, magicians, and ninjas. The protagonist is Ayumu, and in the first season, he is behind his assassin, a serial killer who has killed many others. The storyline is exciting, and the character's role-play is quite impressive, too. Plenty of characters are revealed as a story process with different personalities that is fun to watch.