Article:  Top 10 Korean Drama And Movies Of Jeon Yeo Been

Jeon Yeo-been has become a dazzling star in the vibrant South Korean entertainment industry, mesmerizing viewers with her extraordinary talent and versatility. We will learn more about Jeon Yeo-been's distinguished career and the impact she has had on the business as we set out to unearth her top 10 accomplishments.

1. Vincenzo

Park Joo Hyeong, who had been adopted, went to Italy when he was eight. He is now an adult and works as a consignee for a Mafia family under the name, Vincenzo Cassano. He takes a flight to South Korea, where he becomes connected with attorney Hong Cha Young due to feuding Mafia factions. She is the kind of lawyer who will do everything it takes to win a case. Now that he is back in his native country, he serves up his brand of justice with a dose of his own medicine to an unrivaled conglomerate.

2. Be Melodramatic

Best friends, Im Jin Joo, Lee Eun Jung, and Hwang Han Joo, are all 30 years old. As a single mother raising a child, she finds it difficult to combine her personal and professional lives. Drama writer Im Jin Joo experiences a lot of emotional ups and downs. Her distinct attitude occasionally mimics a pricey purse. She attempts to write her screenplays in a literary style even though she is a drama writer. Director of documentaries Lee Eun Jung. Even though there is just one employee, she manages her production company. Unexpectedly, one of her documentaries gained instant popularity.

3. Glitch

A woman looking for her missing boyfriend who vanished one night in an unidentified light show. She unearths the reality of an enigmatic secret with the aid of a group of UFO observers. Hong Ji Hyo is an example of a "parachute hire"—someone who was employed because of familial ties. She comes from a stable household and has a reliable job. She has a partner she's dated for four years, but they are no longer deeply in love. When her lover mysteriously vanishes, the couple is just considering getting married. Heo Bo Ra is a mystery-focused YouTuber with only a few hundred subscribers and an unpromising Twitch streamer.

4. A Time Called You

It centers on Han Jun Hee, who has struggled to move on since his girlfriend, Ko Yeon Jun, passed away a year ago. One day, through some unidentified method of time travel, he finds himself in 1998 as Kwon Min Joo, a high school student. She runs into high schooler Nam Si Heon there and is shocked to see Nam Si Heon since she thinks Nam Si Heon looks a lot like her late boyfriend, Ko Yeon Jun. Girls adore Nam Si Heon for his charisma and friendliness.

5. Ride Together

A mysterious woman rides in Min-gu and Tae-sik's automobile. They descend into a profound tragedy due to envy and betrayal. A mysterious woman rides in Min-gu and Tae-sik's automobile. They descend into a profound tragedy due to envy and betrayal.

6. Write Or Dance

'Si-hyung' aspires to write novels but hasn't succeeded in doing so. He makes a drunken commitment to write an essay every month for his cousin's husband, "Jong-pil." Although he lacks a source for his writing, he attends special sessions once a month. 7 meetups over 7 months. The tale of those one days is told here.

7. After My Death

Kyung Min, a high school student, vanishes one day. Although it appeared that she jumped to her death from a bridge, there is no way to know for sure without a body or a suicide note. People start questioning Young Hee since she was the last person to see Kyung Min on the night of her disappearance, and they begin to believe that she was responsible for her killing. No one believes Young Hee despite her continued insistence that she is innocent. Even Kyung Min's friends turn away from her one by one when her body is discovered. Young Hee takes the unexpected step to show her innocence.

8. Secret Zoo

Attorney-at-law stuck in a dead-end temp job at a prestigious legal firm, Tae Soo hopes to work there one day. He receives a unique assignment one day to revive a struggling zoo. The issue is that there are no animals. And he has just three months to do it. He comes up with the fantastic idea of having the zookeepers dress up as animals with the assistance of the zookeepers. The zookeepers transform into polar bears, tigers, gorillas, and sloths one at a time by donning animal costumes and masks. When a video of Tae Soo's polar bear sipping a can of Coke goes viral, the brand-new zoo opens.

9. Night In Paradise

It relates the tale of mobster Tae-gu, who turns down the chance to join Chairman Doh's rival Bukseong gang. Tae-gu seeks revenge by brutally killing Chairman Doh and his soldiers before escaping to Jeju Island when his sister and niece are killed as payback. He meets Jae-yeon, a terminally ill woman, and her uncle Kuto, a weapons dealer. Chairman Yang, Tae-gu's boss, has plans to eliminate all of the Bukseong Gang's remaining lieutenants to stop the gang once and for all. Without Tae-gu's leadership and effectiveness, the plot falls through, and Director Ma of the Bukseong gang chases Tae-gu ruthlessly to exact retribution. To preserve his own life Yang is compelled to turn on Tae-gu by giving him to the Bukseong gang.

10. Cobweb

Director Kim faces harsh criticism from reviewers who label him an expert in trashy dramas following his successful debut. After finishing his most recent feature, "Cobweb," he begins to dream repeatedly over days about an alternate conclusion to the movie. He wants to schedule only two more days of filming because he feels that if he can capture those sequences as he had imagined them a masterpiece will undoubtedly result. Director Kim feels he is about to lose his mind due to the complicated schedule, the producer's objections, and the clash between the fantastic scenes that are dancing before his eyes and the harsh realities of reality, but he continues nonetheless.