Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Have Undergone Huge Weight Loss

When celebrities lose fat they are under professional advice for diet plans and also under the considerable public spotlight. Most of these celebs try to get in shape by dancing and the result is a lot of weight loss. Most people try to follow their diet plans and these celebs also cut down weight, especially for TV appearances. They have well-planned and healthy food choices minus the cravings. Some stories can make people curious about their struggles but their schedules are not so suitable every time. Some claim to have glowing skin from all the nutrition in their diet plan.

1. Bae Suzy

She is naturally beautiful and her weight loss was gradual in 2013. She eats sweet potato for breakfast with chicken breast and milk. For lunch, she has brown rice and for dinner, she eats sweet potatoes which are nutritious options. She also follows a fasting regime which has restrictions on her diet at different times of the day.


2. Kang Sora

She eats yogurt and fruits for breakfast and her meals are 100 grams. For lunch, she eats vegetables and a small bowl of rice and she also does cardio with weight training. She started to cut down on calories in her diet and the habits of her servings. She also does ballet for her weight loss plan.


3. Park Bo Ram

She is another famous Korean who has a banana-centered diet to lose 70 pounds of weight. She also reveals that this diet can be unsafe because she ate just half a banana and one egg for five meals a day. She finds all this with workouts really difficult and she warned against this because this can leave one with zero energy.


4. Ailee

She is a Korean American singer who is the 'healthy idol' and she became skinnier after her debut. She ate just 500 grams of protein, two cups of vegetables, and one fruit in a day to reduce ten kg of her weight in just one month! Her protein diet had shrimp, beef and chicken breast, and crab meat but this life has not been an easy one.


5. Lee Tae-Im

She has completely altered her appearance with strict diet plans. She used to be curvy but now she is the skinny bitch. She has reduced her 6 kg and now this has got everyone talking. Shockingly she ate just three spoons of rice to look good on screen. There were rumors around her comeback that she was anorexic.


6. Seo In Young

Her diet is full of chicken breasts and ripe bananas because she lost 6 kg in just two months! She loves the fruit because it keeps her weight in check and she can’t imagine living without bananas. Due to her viral morning banana diet, people bought all the bananas in the market. Her diet is a typical superstar regime that reduces face fat.


7. Nicole Jung

She has a new international diet called Denmark Diet which is high in protein and for her great body shape. She has also gone to the gym ever since SHINee’s Key commented on her body fat. She consumes many boiled eggs, black coffee, and steamed meat with no salt in her meals. Her diet comes from a hospital and she has lost 3 kg.


8. Moon Chae Won

She caught the attention of people with smaller faces and a new appearance. She drinks a lot of water right before her meals and now her weight loss is viral on many online platforms. She has slender physical attributes because of her controlled food habits. She has experienced glowing skin and has been making healthy food selections.



Their weight loss regime is marked by low calories of 1500 calories. Tiffany has the hottest body shape which is different from her pre-debut days. She lives in Los Angeles with a low-calorie, vegetarian diet but only five days a week. Her diet is plant-based because she wants to focus on nature. She started this diet when she was 20 years old.


10. Park Min Young

She reportedly went on her first real diet for KBS ‘Healer’ and interestingly she danced her way off. If you want the same diet as her then you need to eat just apples all day. They have a balanced way of keeping up their appearances and that can be tough for the gorgeous actress. She is not really a diet person but she does cardio workouts.