Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Split Up After Years Of Marriage

These couples might look like the perfect K drama chemistry to the media but they do not have a happily ever after. They might secretly get registered in the Seoul court as official husband and wife but their story may not have a fairytale. Some celebrities are also depressed in broken love tragedy which might haunt them for life. They become single parents and that’s their top priority as a life struggle. This is not easy for their mental health or feelings. The K drama element of love is absent from the chemistry of their incomplete love story. The red carpet glamour is not the same in their wedding dreams.

1. Lee Dong Gun And Jo Yoon Hee

The divorce settlement was finished in court after three years of marriage. The reason was irreconcilable differences presented in the court case jurisdiction. Their daughter was born in December 2017 after the wedding in the same year and lives under Yoon Hee’s custody.


2. Choi Jung Yoon And Yoon Tae Joon

The agency reported that the facts of divorce are a secret not to be revealed. This circumstance came to light after a decade of their marriage. The couple got married in 2011 in a private wedding in South Seoul and a girl was born to them in 2016. Now she is a single mother which she stated on TV.


3. Chae Jung An And Kim Sang Cheol

Chae married an advertising firm board member in 2005 but they ended their relationship in 2017. Now she wants to stop being overprotective of herself and fall in love again. She also said that she had no intentions to remarry and she is also down to earth about the broken marriage with the marketing professional.


4. Park Si Yeon And Park Sang Hun

She ended her marriage of long five years with a corporate man. Everyone was surprised because he was a regular office worker. They got married in 2011 at the Seoul Hyatt Hotel and gave birth to two daughters in 2013 and 2015. The agency said that it was her private matter and they can’t disclose the secret.


5. Jung Gyu Woon And Ms. Seo

They divorced after two years of marriage in 2016 in the Seoul Family Court. The reason is not made clear in any claims by their agencies. He married his girlfriend of three years in a personal wedding ceremony on April 5. She was a beautiful ex-model and she went on a honeymoon to Europe.


6. P Goon And Yumin

They married in 2018 only to call it quits due to some differences. On a show on MBN entertainment, she stated that she divorced her husband for 200,000 won. She said that their earnings weren’t much when they planned to get married. They had financial issues after they had a child in a secret relationship.


7. Dongho And Kim Seehee

Dongho married his non-celebrity wife in 2015 as the youngest idol to get married. A photo of their baby surprised fans but this family split up after a divorce in 2018. These troubles came from his travels to Japan from Korea. Kim Seehee revealed that her sole reason to continue living was her son and being a single parent was getting on her nerves.


8. Se7en And Park Han Byul

The actress and singer called it quits after a relationship from high school. In the final stage of their 12-year marriage, Se7en went to a prostitute center. Park Han Byul was reported by The Fact to be seen outside with actor Jung Eun Woo. They were seen in Park's Mercedes G Wagon or on a coffee date. They then confirmed their relationship which started during the shooting of a drama.


9. Song Hye Kyo And Song Joong Ki

They were lovers on-screen in Descendants Of The Sun and they married in October 2017. After almost two years Song Joong Ki planned to file for a divorce but Song Hye Kyo had no idea at all. Their agencies confirmed patterns of, behavior clashes and stress between them. Then Song Hye Kyo got rid of her wedding ring because she was too skinny.


10. Koo Hye-Sun And Ahn Jae Hyun

They both started as low-key as they ended even with accusations that resulted in a divorce. They have moved on and Hye Sun has even found a new significant other. A paper has been leaked claiming that Jae Hyun has cheated on Hye sun. Hye Sun’s friend has revealed that Jae Hyun was seen in an inappropriate situation with a co-star. They registered their marriage in 2016 but they called it quits in 2019. He told her that she wasn't sexy and was bored with their relationship.