Article: Top 10 Most Expensive Gifts Given By Fans To Korean Celebrities

K-Pop fans not only like to cheer their favorite idols by buying their albums, merchandise, and concert tickets, but they also like to splurge on more expensive and luxurious items to gift to their favorite artists and idols to make them feel special. The fans go all out with massive posters, billboards, and presenting big hampers of Luxury brands’ goods. These gifts are specially organized by Fan site projects that take months of planning and coordination to raise the funds to pull it all off. Here are the top 10 expensive gifts given by Fans to K-pop idols.

1. Diamond Ring For IZONE’s Sakura

Sakura’s Chinese fans amazed netizens when they gifted her the Josephine Amour D’Aiggrette solitaire in platinum, an expensive ring costing 26.7 KRW ($24,436). The ring was a 1-carat brilliant cut diamond surrounded by brilliant cut diamonds around it. The fans reportedly gave the idol this ring to remind her not to settle for anyone who gave a less expensive ring to her in the future.

2. EXO Xiumin’s Idol-Themed Subway Train

To celebrate the completion of 6 years and his birthday EXO Xiumin’s fans raised $2500 to have a subway train operating on Seoul Subway line number 7 decorated with the theme of celebration for the idol. Every subway car had posters, pictures, and messages of celebrations ‘6 years with Xiumin’ written and decorated on the floor, and each had different themes according to the four seasons. This idol-themed subway train had plenty of time to operate as it ran for nearly a full month starting from April 9, 2018.

3. A Studio For RED VELVET Wendy

When Wendy expressed her desire to produce music, her fan site WENever bought a whole lot of musical equipment that alone was enough to set up a small music studio. The equipment included good-quality headphones, a keyboard, a digital audio workstation, Speakers, and Microphones to encourage her to produce music.

4. A Gold Bar For BTS Jungkook

To celebrate his 20th birthday Jungkook’s fans got him an actual bar of 50g Gold. This was an especially meaningful gift as Jungkook is known as BTS’ ‘Golden Maknae’, a nickname given by the leader of the group RM, and a Gold bar sure was very befitting and it cost nearly around $2760.

5. A New York Times Square Billboard For TWICE’s Tzuyu

K-Pop fans surely love their favorite maknaes of their favorite idol groups. To celebrate the 14th birthday of the youngest member of TWICE, the Chinese fans of Tzuyu brought a whole billboard to air the ad for her birthday with the title ‘HAPPY TZUYU DAY’. The billboard ad aired randomly for the next 24 hours. Tzuyu also got signboards and ads featuring the wishes of her fans back in Seoul as well.

6. Luxury Brand GUCCI’s Set Of Items For V

In 2016, BTS V fans gifted him a whole bunch of GUCCI goodies and items. During this, it was very well known that V loved the brand GUCCI, to make his birthday special, his fan site TAETAELAND gifted him multiple clothing and accessories of the luxury brand, and V is seen wearing some of the items quite a few times.

7. A Forest For IU

IU’s fans UAENA, collectively decided to buy a forest and dedicate it to the artist to celebrate her 22nd birthday by collecting $470,606 (5.16 Million Won). The forest was filled with Yonisho Cherry trees, Boxwood trees, and many more. Since IU has actively donated to many charities helping children and families who need help, her fans decided to participate in a charity of their own to help the environment.

8. Luxury Brands For IVE’s Wonyoung

IVE’s Wonyoung broke the record of receiving the most expensive set of gifts priced more than $300,000 when her fans gifted her sets of clothing, handbags, and shoes from luxury brands like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Miu Miu, Prada, and many more that fans thought suited her style on her birthday. Wonyoung also posted wearing some of the gifts to show her gratitude towards her fans in return.

9. Stars Gifted To BTS V

Gifting a forest was a sweet gesture in itself but imagine gifting not one but two stars to someone you love and admire. In 2018, BTS V’s English and Vietnamese fans decided to gift him two stars and name them after him. The names given to stars were ‘SHINING TAEHYUNG’ and ‘DECEMBER SUNSHINE’ as ARMY considered Taehyung as the ‘a star that shines the brightest in the darkest of nights.’ This was truly a magical gift for the artist.

10.  An Acre Of Land On The Moon For BTS RM

ARMYs are the most dedicated fandoms when gifting their idols the most meaningful and special gifts. The Tunisian ARMYs gifted RM a Plot of land on the Moon on his birthday as fans have long known his love and affection for The Moon and even has a song named Moonchild. The Lunar property came under the name of the artist on the Lake of Dreams part on the surface of the Moon.