Article: 10 Japanese Sibling Duo Who Are Rightfully Celebrities

Siblings can be fun or a complete menace. They are the complete package. Working with them in the same field can provide good competition for one to work harder. Follow this list to be introduced to some Japanese celebrity duos.

1. Kamishiraishi Sisters

Kamishiraishi Mone is an award-winning actress. She was the recipient of the ‘Special Jury Award’ at the 2011 “Cinderella” Audition held by Toho Entertainment. She made her drama debut in the last episode of “Go: Hime-tachi no Sengoku”. Mone became internationally known in 2016 after being cast as the lead female in Shinkai Makoto’s anime film “Your Name”. Kamishiraishi Moka started her acting career in 2011, after winning the “Cinderella” Audition held by Toho Entertainment. It was the first time that the top two positions were backed up by a sibling duo. Moka was, at that time, the youngest winner ever.


2. Hirose Sisters

Hirose Alice is an actress and model best known for her roles in “The 35-Year-Old High School Student” and “AI Amok”. Alice was scouted in 6th grade while playing basketball.

Hirose Suzu is also an actress and model. She is also a commercial spokesperson. She is best known for her roles in “Our Little Sister” as Suzu.


3. Takeuchi Brothers

Takeuchi Ryoma is a model and actor. He was cast in “Kamen Rider Drive” and Tomari Shinnosuke in October 2014. Ryoma is most popularly known for this particular role.

Takeuchi Yuito, unlike his brother, is a singer who debuted with the song was titled “Only Me”.


4. Kusakawa Brothers

Kusakawa Takuya is a model, actor, and dancer. Takuya is a member of ‘Bullet Train’. Takuya is the ‘Main Dancer’ of the group.

Kusakawa Naoya made his entry into the entertainment world in 2016 as a member of EBiSSH, a J-Pop band. In 2018, Naoya debuted as a member of another band, “ONE N’ ONLY”. Naoya made his acting debut in 2019 with “I Didn’t Think I Would Fall In Love”.


5. Ishida Sisters

Ishida Yuriko is an essayist and actress from Nogoya. She is best known as the voice actor of ‘San’ from “Princess Mononoke”, a 1997 animated film.

Ishida Hikari is an actress known for her roles in “Hana no Asuka-gumi!”. Hikari has released several singles and albums.


6. Taira Sisters

Taira Airi debuted in 1999 after winning the Da Pump’s, ISSA’s Sister Role for the movie “Dream Maker”. She won the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the 33rd Japan Academy Prize for her role in “20th Century Boys”.

Taira Yuna is a Japanese actress known for her roles in “Honey” and “Sakurada Reset Part 2”.


7. Matsuda Brothers

Matsuda Ryuhei was cast when he was 15-years-old by Nagisa Oshima in the movie “Gohatto”. After being cast in this movie, Ryuhei dropped out of school to ultimately pursue acting. He is currently one of the most successful and popular actors in Japan.

Matsuda Shota is an actor best known for the “Hana Yori Dango” and “Liar Game” series. They are the sons of the famous actor Matsuda Yusaku and the actress Matsuda Miyuki.


8. Saotome Siblings

Saotome Taichi is a singer and actor. He has played the roles of young men and ‘Onnagata’ roles of women. Onnagata is primarily male actors who specialise and enact the roles of females in traditional Japanese Kabuki theatre. Taichi is known as ‘Nagashime Oji’ (The Sidelong Glance Prince). Saotome Yuki began acting on stage at one and a half years old. He is an accomplished stage play actor and is currently signed under Avex Management.


9. Mitsushima Siblings

Mitsushima Hikari is a Japanese actress best known as ‘Elly’ from “Ultraman Max”. After her role as ‘Elly’, Hikari went on to star in many TV series and major motion pictures, winning many awards. This made Hikari one of the better-known actors from the cast of Ultraman Max. Mitsushima Shinnosuke is an actor. His most popularly known for “Hanagatami” and the voice of ‘Fujinuma Satoru' from the anime “Erased”.


10. Miyazaki Siblings

Miyazaki Masaru is an actor best known for his roles in “The Reason” and “Crying Out Love In The Centre of The World”.

Miyazaki Aoi debuted when she was 14 years old in the film, “Ano Natsu no Hi”. Aoi is considered to be one of Japan’s most beautiful women.

This sibling duo also starred together in the film “Hatsukoi”.