Article: 10 Chinese Outfits For The First Day In College

Every country has the fashion that is being followed for years and is slowly modernized to make it appropriate with the changing trends and wear it regularly. So, the style of the place is inspired by their vintage fashion mixed with the latest fashion. Recently, a video of Chinese street fashion blew up on social media and people are people who loved it a lot. There were comments like, Chinese street fashion ate up the New York Fashion Week. So here are some amazing outfit ideas inspired by the Chinese fashion that you can wear on the first day of your college:

1. The Magic Of All Black

Be it male or female, black is a color that suits everyone. This color is in trend all over China and people usually style them in black color from head to toe. And if we talk about Gen Z it would not be wrong to say that black is the color of this generation. Airports, streets, colleges, and other public places are filled with people wearing all-black outfits in China and it is completely perfect for your first day of college.


2. Oversized Clothes Are The key

The styling of this generation is all about wearing anti-fit clothes, Chinese are no different. They are wearing a lot of oversized clothes on a daily basis. Joggers with oversized t-shirts, oversized coats, anti-fit sweatshirts, and many more such things. This type of styling is perfect for you to take inspiration from.


3. A Statement Blazer

No matter what you are wearing if you have topped it with an oversized blazer, you are making a statement and this style is all over China. You can wear it with shorts, skirts, pants, joggers and any other piece of clothing you can think about. And the best part about a blazer is you can make it look professional or casual according to your requirement. If you want to look the best on day one of college this is the style for you.


4. Prints Are Popular

A lot of people think that tropical and gematrical prints clothing is made only for beaches and vacations but China proved it wrong. Prints of all types are the style mantra in China these days. Printed shirts are boys’ favorite and printed pants are girls’ favorite. But you can include this style in your fashion game however you want.


5. The elegance Of Satin Dresses

When we hear about satin dresses our mind directly thinks about European fashion but now it is a very trendy style in this Asian country. Satin dresses add the perfect amount of elegance you need in your dressing. Plunging necklines, side slit, knee-length are a lot of styles in which these dresses come. And you can wear them with cardigans and heels for a brunch with your friends in Autumn.


6. Nothing Can Overpower Casuals

Different trends might come and go over period of time but nothing can beat the power of a casual outfit. A t-shirt with classic denim and a pair of sneakers is the perfect styling for your casual day out. And nowadays a different type of jeans and t-shirts are there in the market that is the perfect combination of style and comfort, if you are not too much into styling then this is your go-to outfit.


7. All-Time Favorite Denim Skirt

If you are thinking about wearing something elegant and casual at the same time then a Denim skirt is the answer to it. They are the most appropriate choice for the summer afternoon. They can be paired with tops, t-shirts, jackets, blazers, or however, you want to. It is trendy among college-going students.


8. Cargos And Boyfriend Jeans

We all have cursed skinny-fitted jeans at least once because of the discomfort they give. Cargos and Boyfriend jeans are for everyone who keeps comfort as their priority. Ripped and rugged boyfriend jeans are the top-tier fashion in China. People of this generation are completely in love with this trend and follow it with their whole hearts.


9. Dark Academia Is The Best

Dark academia is a type of fashion that involves colors like brown and neutrals and is appropriate for the autumn and winter season. It also has a touch of vintage dressing in it and usually involves checked patterns and cardigans. It is a classy outfit to wear and is very popular in China.


10. Co-Ords Are Amazing

Co-ord sets are the trend of the time and keep on coming back because of their beauty. Co-ords can be casual, formal, classy, and of a lot of different types. It would not wrong to say that if you step foot on the streets of China you will see a lot of people wearing different types of Co-ords.