Article: Top 10 Chinese Actresses Who Made Skirts A Trending Outfit

1. Yang Zi

Yang Zi's fresh tone clothing, a beige Lapel shirt with a green wavy style skirt, gave this very youthful girl a sense, with a tiny ponytail haircut that perfectly fit Yang Zi's lively temperament. Yang Zi's fun hairstyle and makeup complement the look, making it incredibly appealing.

2. Yang Mi

The whole combination of LOOK with a simple black and white blouse and a patent leather tight skirt with pointed black shoes was refreshing and neat when Yang Mi attended the Madame Tussauds wax museum event in a patent leather black dress. The small elements are highly stylish and have a more "scheming" feel. The letter LOGO top has a street punk vibe to it, while the skirt and heels show off straight and slim legs that are graceful.

3. Victoria Song

Victoria Song has become one of the most sought-after musicians, with several high-end cosmetics brands and fashion designers vying for her services as a brand ambassador. Victoria isn't hesitant to add a lot of shine to her outfit. Her ensembles are the ideal blend of glittery glam and sporty flair. She made a striking fashion statement with a red firm that included a Chanel blazer, Courreges skirt, and matching red Vetements sock boots.

4. Angelababy

Angelababy's appearance at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012 was memorable. The actress donned the spring 2013 Balenciaga collection, designer Nicolas Ghesquière's final for the label. Angela went for a dramatic look with the futuristic-flamenco skirt and bell-sleeved crop top, which she slayed in.

5. Yang Chaoyue

Yang Chaoyue, a contestant on the talent show "Creation 101," wowed the audience with her charming fashion sense. Yang Chaoyue has unveiled a new fashion strategy, this time sporting a mak along color shirt full of girls' hearts, a mix-and-match pink plucking half skirt that reveals beautiful legs, a thin hair plate that is kind and attractive, and two Hydrangea earrings on the ear. The silky dress with a wrinkle is intriguing, as is the design of the lower abdomen plaster, making it visually easy to smooth the slight belly. With a stance, the body curve can make an envious cry.

6. Li Yuchun

Li Yuchun rarely competes for beauty by wearing a garment. The actress dazzled everyone on the red carpet of the Golden Rooster Awards 2022 with a clash of bright and neutral colors in her appearance, which had an eye-catching effect and a very exuberant vibe to it. The upper section is rose pink to make the outfit stand out, while the lower part uses the splicing style's black and khaki hues to show off the outfit's high-level appeal.

7. Bai Lu

A woman with a good temperament can sometimes need to dress up to be the center of attention at a social gathering. Bai Lu knows how to "grab the camera," as seen by her short skirt and removing a piece of the eyeball, demonstrating the incredible effect of long legs. Bailu's clothing detail design is also trendy, particularly the silver diamonds on the edges of shirts and skirts, which can not only break the conservative mood provided by black and white collocation but also become the most eye-catching style.

8. Zhang Zifeng

Zhang Zifeng's studio formerly published a collection of live photographs of Zhang Zifeng's activities. Zhang Zifeng used the same color gradation collocation in the photo. The lower body's short skirt is the focal point of the entire ensemble. Zhang Zifeng chose a purple cake skirt with a gradient of the same color. It takes work to get a good look at this short skirt. First, the dark purple lavender and sea blue that echoes the purple was chosen. This color not only complements the lavender of the belt and upper body, but it also stands out.

9. Ma Sichun

Ma Sichun's eyes are still those of a youngster, even though she is in her thirties. When her hair is pulled back into a high ponytail, it is easy to mistake her for a student. Her outfit of a knitted sweater, a white shirt, and a skirt is ideal for college. Ma Sichun's attire is suitable for students due to the uneven dresses and high heels she paired with it. The high heels are feminine, and the asymmetrical skirts are fashionable!

10. Liang Jie

In a short blue and black skirt suit, Liang Jie has the perfect fall look. The white T-shirt tucked into the short top is light and airy, and the slim style emphasizes her tiny form. In the autumn, a short skirt with bottoms is highly eye-catching. The right-length dress reveals a pair of skinny legs. The allure of a nice physique and a gorgeous figure is irresistible.