Article: 10 Thai Celebs Who Are Good Writers

Thailand is a country having great nightlife, parties, lots of beaches, peace, and the best spa massage facilities to make us relaxed. It is a place that provides creative literary works, short stories, biographies, historical books, famous scripts, meaningful songs, and other writings.  Some stars in Thailand also write songs, scripts, novels, dramas, and so on, apart from being famous for their acting skills, bodies, and charming faces, and also being renowned celebrities domestically and internationallyNow, let’s know about 10 Thai celebs who not only make their country proud for their acting skills but also for their creative writing skills:

1. Suppasit Jongcheveevat (Mew)

SUPPASIT JONGCHEVEEVAT, nicknamed “MEW,” is a famous and multitalented Thai actor worldwide. Mew is also a singer, model, and songwriter. Mew is a producer and CEO of Mew Suppasit studio. The first step he took in the entertainment industry was through modeling. Then, he started his acting career.  A Most commendable act he does was in the series THARN TYPE, a BL series, as Tharn.  He is an outstanding singer.  Mew was the first-ever Thai artist ranked 13 in the digital global artist ranking. Mew’s famous songs are - Time Machine, More and More, and Let Me Be ft Autta.  Mew wrote the song “DROWNING.”  He is already very famous but still taking steps on the path to success, to make more fans and achieve more & more.


2. Suthep Po-Ngam

SUTHEP PO-NGAM, nicknamed THEP PO-NGAM, is a Thai actor, comedian, film director, and screenwriter. Suthep is well known for acting in Friday Killer, The Rocket, DUK DUN DUI, and so on. Suthep is an excellent comedian-actor who contributes several funny scenes in various movies making his audience laugh a lot. Suthep is a multitalented person who, besides his performance in his film career, has achieved great success in film directing and screenwriting. Suthep not only directed the film THE SAFARI (2003) but also wrote it on his own.


3. Goy Arachaporn

Goy ARACHAPORN is a famous Thai actress, MC, and screenwriter.  She started her career in the entertainment industry by participating in theatrical plays, series, dramas, and so on.  Goy was also part of a BL, “WHY R U?” and mysterious series. Her famous movies are - “Lost in Blue,” “Bangkok Story,” etc.  Besides doing the scenes scripted by others, she wrote various screenplays, which include “I Told Sunset About You” and “My Ambulance.”


4. Ter Chantavit Dhanasevi

TER CHANTAVIT DHANASEVI is a director, actor, and screenwriter. Ter started his career in the entertainment industry by screenwriting, working as an assistant director, doing minor roles, etc. Ter got a role in the blockbuster comedy movie “HELLO STRANGER.” His screenplay includes The Medium, One Day, The Possible, Phobia, Phobia 2, and so on.


5. Kongthap Peak

KONGTHAP Peak is a Thai actor, singer, model, and songwriter. Peak is the son of the famous senior actor PRAB YUTTAPICHAI. Peak also took part in music shows. The dramas in which he has acted are Dare to Love: HAI RUK PIPAKSA, JAI-PISUT, La-OJAN, etc. For the drama Dare to Love: HAI RUK PIPAKSA, he wrote the song, “PROMISE YOU.” This song is not only in the Thai language but also in the Korean language. Peak used the English language in this song.


6. Pok Passakorn 

POK PASSAKORN, also known as POK Mindset, is a vlogger, actor, and songwriter. POK is also a rapper and host. POK began his acting career by doing a TV series. POK married a Thai actress RASRI “Margie” Balenciaga. POK wrote the lyrics of the song, “This is for you,” for his wife.


7. Sukhapat Lohwacharin

SUKHAPAT LOHWACHARIN, nicknamed “Sam”, is also a famous Thai actor, screenwriter, and host. Sukhapat is a talented actor who played a role in the renowned movie “Friendzone.” Various movies and dramas in which he played various roles are - My Romance from far away, Rivalry, Switch On, Money Honey, and so on. Sukhapat is a screenwriter for the sitcoms “Wink Jao Sanae” and “Ruk Jud Team.”


8. Janine Weigel

JANINE WEIGEL, nicknamed “Ploychompoo” in Thai, is a multitalented person. Janine is a singer, model, songwriter, actor, influencer, gamer, Youtuber, and ambassador. Janine started her career in modeling, then became a very famous singer, and then an actor. Chak Din Chak Ngo was her first composition. Janine’s other songs are Passcode, Deep End, Finish Line, etc.


9. Rong Wongsawan

RONG WONGSAWAN was a Thai writer and journalist. Rong was also a well-known actor and personality in a number of television shows and films. Roy played a leading role in the films “Chua fah din salai” and “Saigon: Year of the Cat.” He was a very famous writer. Rong was called a national artist in the field of literature. Rong died on March 15, 2009.


10. Nat Sakdatorn

NAT SAKDATORN is a Thai actor, singer, songwriter, and winner of the fourth season of the reality show “True Vision Academic Fantasia.” Nat played a leading role in the movie “FATHERS.” Nat does various TV shows and dramas. Nat’s most famous song is “True Love or Just a Game.”