Article: Top 10 Most Popular Foreign K-Pop Idols

We are all aware of how challenging it is to relocate to a new country, even for a short time. Adapting to a new culture, learning to speak a new language, and changing your lifestyle can be much more challenging than it sounds. And yet some people not only tackle all the challenges but also stand out from the crowd building a successful life for themselves. Here is a list of the top 10 foreign K-pop idols who managed to secure top spots in the ever-competitive K-Pop industry.

1. LISA (Blackpink)

Born in the Satuek District of Thailand, Lalisa Manoban, popularly known as Lisa, is a member of the K-Pop girl group Blackpink. Blackpink's popularity has soared through the sky in the past few years. As a result, Lisa has gained an overwhelming amount of popularity worldwide. Her solo single "Lalisa", released in 2021, broke YouTube's record as the most-watched music video by a solo artist. Lisa has 79 million followers on Instagram and often goes viral for her impressive dance moves.


2. Jackson (Got7)

Jackson Wang, originally from Hong Kong, China, is a member of the K-Pop boy band Got7. The artist has gained worldwide stardom through his impressive vocals, terrific dance moves, and incredible fashion choices. In 2017, Wang expanded his career by founding his label, Team Wang. Jackson is known for his cheerful personality, which finds him a place in Korean variety shows.


3. Tzuyu (Twice)

Chou Tzu-yu, known by her stage name Tzuyu, is the only Taiwanese member of the Twice girl group. She has a sweet mellow voice and is known for her elegant stage presence. The young artist has attracted several brand endorsements for her stunning visuals and perfect body form, which matches the Korean beauty standards.


4. Lay (Exo)

Lay, also known as Zhang Yixing, comes from Changsha, China. He is a member of one of Korea's bestselling boy groups Exo, with the position of the main dancer. Lay's popularity has soared through the years, owing to his several talents and thoughtful acts. He is a singer-songwriter, producer, and dancer. Lay established Chromosome Entertainment Group in 2020. He has been a judge in various Chinese dance shows.


5. Nancy (Momoland)

Nancy Jewel McDonie is a Korean- American member of the K-Pop girl group Momoland and has the position of lead dancer and lead vocalist. She is a singer, actress, and host. Nancy is known for her dynamic personality and has gathered a considerable fan base on several social networking sites, including Instagram and TikTok.


6. Bambam (Got7)

Kunpimook Bhuwakul, popularly known as BamBam, is a Thai rapper and singer. Nicknamed Thailand’s Prince, BamBam has gained the love of millions of fans worldwide through his activities as a Got7 member. He has attracted numerous commercials and brand endorsements through the years. BamBam has directed several videos and collaborated with other Thai artists. He is known for his genuine personality and his love for interacting with his fans.


7. Sana (Twice)

Born in Osaka, Japan, Sana Minatozaki is a member of the girl group Twice. Sana is adored for her charismatic vocals, captivating stage presence, and bubbly personality. She is reportedly one of the most popular members of Twice, where she holds the position of vocalist and lead dancer.


8. Lucas (Nct)

Born in Hong Kong, Wong Yukhei or Lucas is a member of SuperM and NCT, along with its subunits. He is a rapper, singer, and model. His good looks and cheerful personality has earned him a considerable fan base. Lucas is seen in various Chinese, and Korean variety shows, where he never fails to entertain the viewers with his outgoing and playful nature.


9. Jessica (Snsd)

Jessica Jung is a Korean-American artist and a former member of the girl group Girls Generation. She has proven her versatility in various fields of work, including singing, writing, and acting. She is also a successful fashion entrepreneur, owning the brand Blanc & Eclare. Not to mention, her immense popularity on social media as a fashion icon has earned her a place among the top female solo artists of all time.


10. Luhan (Ex0)

Luhan is a Chinese actor and singer and a former member of the boy group Exo. He earned tremendous popularity quite early in his career as an Exo member. After he departed from the group, Luhan's success reached greater heights in his home country. According to various sources, Luhan was the second richest celebrity in China in 2017. He has starred in several Chinese dramas and released successful solo albums.