Article: 10 Chinese Mysteries That Remain Unsolved

Every country has some mysteries that are discussed years after years and are passed on from generation to generation because of their mysterious nature and the weirdness they hold. They become more famous than any mysterious when they are left unsolved. A mystery can be anything like an unsolved murder, someone’s abduction, the disappearance of a ship or plane, and many more such things. China is no different; it also has a lot of mysteries that still force people to think and ties the knot in their brains. Here are some of the year's old Chinese mysteries that will shock you all and remains unsolved:-

1. The Contest To Cut Down 100 People

This weird story began in the winters of 1937 when the second Sino-Japanese war was going on and a contest between the two began to kill 100 Chinese with a sword. The first round ended in a tie and they geared up the game of 150 kills. This contest sent a wave of shock throughout the nation. Both the soldiers were involved. But there are different theories involved in it as some people say that this was exaggerated, some say more soldiers were involved, and a lot of other things. People are still curious about what exactly was the case of the contest to cut down 100 people.


2. The Murder Of Song Jiaoren

Song Jiaoren was a very prominent Chinese republican revolutionary and political leader. He was the founder of the Kuomintang political party and played an important role in its win in the first democratic election. He was assassinated on March 22, 1913, as he was shot while he was boarding a train and then died two days later. There is still no clue about who killed him but his death changed the dimension of Chinese politics and gave rise to a lot of other political leaders.


3. The Murder Of Shen Dingyi

Shen Dingyi was also a political leader and had a really good image among the public. He was also murdered because of some political reasons and it is still a mystery who killed him. There is a book about his assassination as it is still one of the biggest murder mysteries in the political world of China. heHe died in 1928 and his mystery is still unanswerable.


4. The Murder Of Lam Bun

He was a commercial radio commentator and was known for fiercely criticizing leftists. Slowly Lam Bun was starting seen as the icon of freedom speech. His assassination was very well planned as he was stopped by a person in the clothes of a worker and then burned alive on the road along with his cousin. His death in 1967 sent a wave of grief and shock among his supporters.


5. The Disappearance Of Chu Anping

He was a liberal journalist and was considered one of the most important liberals at that time. He was the editor of two very important newspapers. He started falling and his job was gone and started facing drawbacks because of some political reasons. He tried to commit suicide once but failed. After that one day, he returned to his home and vanished it is still not clear where he went and what happened to him.


6. The Stick Case

This mystery began in 1615 when a person named Zhang Chai entered the Forbidden City with a motive to kill emperor Wanli’s son. He failed at it and was arrested with his help other people involved in this conspiracy were also arrested. A few years after getting tortured Zhang Chai was executed. But the weird thing is that the emperor’s son Zhu Changluo died after five years under mysterious circumstances as soon as he succeeded his father as the emperor. His death is still a mystery to all his countrymen to date.


7. The Execution Of Kawashima Yoshiko

This mystery still shocks people as Kawashima Yoshiko was a princess and shifted to Japan at a young age where she was adopted after her father’s death. But after being upset there, she ran back to China and dressed as a male spy. She obtained a lot of military secrets and use them to send them to Japan. She was arrested and executed and a photo of her body was published in the newspaper. Decades later two women claimed that the granny in their neighborhood was Kawashima Yoshiko. This is the mystery that is still the talk of the town.


8. The Hong’an Country December Murders

This terrific case took place in Hubei in which six people of the same family aging between 65 to 8 were killed on the night of December 26, 2007. Police got to known about it when they received numerous calls on the following morning. This family-owned a lime factory and the head of this family was robbed and attacked six weeks before the murder. This mass murder is still unsolved and officials are quite unaware about who murdered the whole family this brutally as his wife was found in a pool of blood.


9. The Beijing Passion Nightclub Murder

Liang Hailing was one of the many waitresses in the Passion Night club who was very popular during the 1990s and early 2000s. a lot of influential people used to come there and spend a lot of money. Liang was very beautiful and famous among the frequent visitors of the club. She was murdered in her own house on November 13, 2005, by strangulation. It is still a mystery to date that who murdered her and investigation has raised fingers to a lot of people but of no use. People are still curious to know the answer to this mystery.


10. The Shaanxi Village That Disappeared

A night changed the whole dimension of Shaanxi village when in one go it was completely evacuated and abandoned by not only the villagers but also all the stray animals. There are many theories related to it that some people saw some objects flying over the village, some say that it was cursed while some believe that it was done by the Chinese army. The real reason is still unclear and the village is abandoned to date.