Article: Top 10 K-Pop Group’s Variety Shows

Idols not only sing, dance, perform on stages and produce incredible music but also attend various TV shows conducted by television personalities to promote their works. Besides these shows, every idol group or solo artist films variety shows of their own to entertain their fans. They either travel abroad, conduct fun games and activities, sit around and share TMIs, do group activities, etc. These shows bring out their natural side of them in front of the camera. As years go on, these shows remain iconic for them. This article lists the top ten k-pop group variety shows over the years.

1. Going Seventeen

Going Seventeen is a variety show for the boy band Seventeen hosted by Pledis Entertainment. It has five seasons and 183 episodes and is still on the air. The series is available on Youtube, VLive, and Weverse. Going Seventeen is an incredibly entertaining show to watch. You could see the all the thirteen members goofing around or working together to complete a mission.


2. Run BTS

Run BTS is a famous variety series by BTS. The first episode of it got aired on August 2015. There is a total of three seasons of Run BTS with 156 episodes. The show took a ten-month hiatus from October 2021 to August 2022 and returned with a fun episode making its comeback. The show is currently said to be on the air, but further details are not known.


3. Time To Twice

Time to Twice is a variety show for JYP's girl group TWICE. The season first aired on March 2020 and continues to provide us with the charisma and fun the girls have during group activities, fun games, traveling abroad, and festival celebrations. They either play in teams or individually and win a lot of prizes. Sometimes, JYP would release the bloopers and behind-the-scenes videos of them from the show.


4. Finding SKZ

Finding SKZ is one of the variety shows of Stray Kids, where they play around, perform skits and do fun activities. The first episode of Finding SKZ got aired on March 2019. They continued their second season, Finding SKZ: God Edition, where the members took up the roles of gods and went around the city. Currently, SKZ CODE is on air with a total of twenty-five episodes starting from February 2021.


5. To Do

"To Do" is Tomorrow X Together's most fun and challenging variety show. The first episode got aired on January 2020. It has a total of five seasons, with 95 episodes. Their latest episode got aired on August 2022. The fun-filled episodes with challenges that TxT members face as a group and individually make the fans overjoyed to see their idols having fun.


6. En-O'clock

EN-O'CLOCK is Enhypen's first variety show. The first episode aired on June 2021 and is still on air with thirty-five episodes. EN-O'CLOCK portrays the members' enthusiasm and exhibits their true nature to the fans out there by playing various team events, learning to do new skills, etc. New episodes come every Tuesday on their Enhypen Youtube Channel and Weverse channel.


7. Codename: Secret Itzy

ITZY's famous variety show "Codename: Secret Itzy" has twelve episodes and is their first-ever variety show for their fans. The show was a gist to their fans for their 2nd anniversary. Season one aired in the first half of 2021, while they continued the next season in the last half of 2021 with another twelve episodes.


8. Show!Terview With Jessi

Show!terview one-on-one talk show conducted by the solo artist Jessi. She invites idol groups, solo artists, and other personalities to her show and talks about various stuff. She also plays games with them at the end of the show. The first episode aired on June 2020, and with 95 episodes, the show ended on April 2022. Jessi's fun and chaotic personality add more fun to the watchers.


9. Mtopia

Even though SUPERM had a short time between their debut and the hiatus, MTOPIA is the first travel variety show for the members. The show contains twelve episodes and first went on air in September 2020. The variety show portrays the members performing various physical activities and striving to earn prizes from the staff. After the main episodes, the cookies got revealed to the public on their channel.


10. 24/365 At Blackpink

24/365 is a variety show by the famous girl group BlackPink. The first episode got aired on June 2020. It has sixteen episodes with airtime of eight to twenty-three minutes. The show displays the girls having fun while playing games and doing activities. The last episode got aired on October 2020. The next episode got postponed, but the date is still unknown.