Article: Top 10 Thai Series Of Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul

Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul, or Baifern is a 31-year-old Thai actress and model. Baifern hails from Dusit, Thailand. Baifern started her career in the Thai entertainment industry when was in 6th standard as a model for a renowned shoe company meant for students. After that, she began making appearances in movies, music videos, and short films. Baifern graduated with a bachelor’s degree in filmography from Srinakharinwirot University. The actress rose to fame in 2010 after playing the lead role in Crazy Thing Called First Love as Nam which led her to act several characters in several series and movies highlighting her wonderful acting skills, and because of her tremendous works, Baifern has received many prestigious awards. Let us look into the top 10 series of Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul.

1. Lhong Fai

In the series Lhong Fai, Baifern plays the role of Karnkaew, a girl who was born and grew up in a poor family and studied in Bangkok. Karnkaew learns that she needs to have and live a luxurious lifestyle and currently, the lifestyle she is living won't be enough to provide her with the luxury. In the greed to live a luxurious life, Lhong Fai dumps her two boyfriends, drops out of school, starts working as an escort for affluent, elite clients, and puts up on the front of being a wealthy socialite. The series consists of genres like romance and melodrama with 27 episodes.

2. Wicked Angel

Baifern plays Rampapat, a wicked angel, who is the heir to a film production company that her father owns. Despite having the name Rampapat, meaning angel, she is not at all like that. She can kill with words and strike everyone with her eyes. Rampapat is a pretentious and distant girl until she comes across her new secretary Yuttakarn. Yuttakarn is a charming boy who develops feelings for Rampapat while attempting to subdue her. Wicked is a 2018 series depicting romance, drama, and business genres.

3. Secret Garden

Secret Garden is a remake of a Korean series where Baifern depicts the character of a hardworking and humble stuntwoman who works to pay off her bills, i.e. Veena. Veena confronts Thanat, an arrogant CEO, and they get off to a bad start. A series of odd events leads Veena and Thanat to switch bodies, which contributes to the situation and draws them closer to one another.

4. The Fallen Leaf

The Fallen Leaf is a 2019 series depicting the story of a young boy i.e., Nira who, at heart, is a little girl, broken by rejection from everyone but his mother, who adores him unconditionally. The Father of Nira is not a good man, because he feels hostility toward Nira and treats his mother poorly. Nira and his mother wish for his father to have warmth, compassion, and understanding like Chatchavee, his uncle-in-law. By the time, Nira grows older, she begins to have a crush on Chatchavee but gets rejected. After Chatchavee rejects her, Nira has gender confirmation surgery and emerges as a different mysterious woman. After a long, Nira and Chatchavee cross paths. Because of her beauty, Chatchavee starts to fall in love with Nira, not knowing her secret. You have to watch the entire series if you are in the mood for some spice.

5. The Sand Princess

Kodnipa (Baifern), is an orphan who moves to pursue her studies in Bangkok. Due to her poor background, Kodnipa can do anything for money. Kodnipa meets Jirapat, a wealthy man, who becomes friends with him. However, Kodnipa gets paid for running errands for Jirapat. One day, it was found that Jirapat had impregnated a woman and the child became abandoned. To take care of the baby, Jirapat proposes to pay Kodnipa for the nourishment and care of his baby. Kodnipa agrees to look after his baby as she does not want the baby to end up like her in an orphanage. Things start to stir up when Kodnipa meets the older brother of Jirapat, Kirakorn who begins to fall in love with her.

6. My Dear Warrior

My Dear Warrior tells the tale of Sky (Baifern), an adorable astronomer at a planetarium. Sky receives a magic pen and a thick wooden-covered book as a gift from her writer and eccentric aunt Vanda. The gift Sky receives is a comic book written by her aunt, and when she begins to read the book Sky falls in love with the character Hoshi, a handsome and kind warrior. Sky wishes to have someone in her life like Hoshi on her birthday and that wish comes true. One day, Hoshi, his girlfriend Princess Luna and his Cairo suddenly come out of the comic book. It will be entertaining to watch if they will end up together or not.

7. A Crazy Little Thing Called Love

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love is a series that tells the tale of a 14-year-old ugly and common girl Nam (Baifern), who develops feelings for Shone, a well-known boy in the school. Nam makes an effort in every possible way to catch the attention of Shone. However, when Nam expresses her feelings for Shone, he rejects her which makes Nam very upset. Later, Nam went on to pursue her career in fashion design and Shone to his photography. The series depicts a beautiful love story where Shone keeps his love for Nam hidden from everyone since the beginning. You are missing it, if you have not given a try to this series.

8. The Curse Of Saree

Baifern portrays Nuannuerkaew in the horror sequel The Curse of Saree. Nuan had to fly to India for her sister Nilapat's wedding with Prince Chaithat. However, Queen Sasiprapai is not ready to approve Nilapat as her daughter-in-law. To separate the Nilapat and Chaithat, the Queen asks Savitree to root the trouble between them. There, Nuan meets Keerich, the brother of Chaithat with whom Nuan falls in love but things are already critical as the Queen is trying to break the marriage of her sister.

9. The Con-Heartiest

Baifren plays Ina who employs Tower, a crafty con artist, to defraud her ex-boyfriend to seek revenge from him after he leaves her in debt.

10. Beauty Boy: The Series

Beauty Boy: The Series is a 2018 series where Baifern plays Meet, a sweet girl who comes across a group of boys who run Beauty Bar, a beauty salon. It is a romantic comedy series where Meet and the boys figure out a way to save the business from closing down.