Article: Top 10 Korean Celebs Who Had Affairs With Other Stars In The Past

Korean celebs have a lot of dating problems. Because fans might be overly protective, celebrities and idols alike are cautious about disclosing their romantic relationships. It's to the point that anytime their agencies issue formal *statements*, it's always huge news! This makes celebrity breakups even more difficult to take, because you never know when your favourite couple will call it quits!

1. Song Joong Ki

The timeline of the couple's relationship was later disclosed by the couple's acquaintances. Descendants of the Sun began filming in late 2015, and Song Joong-ki started courting Song Hye-kyo. Song Hye-kyo eventually reciprocated his love once he demonstrated honesty, despite his initial reluctance. However, married life isn't always rosy. In June 2019, the couple announced their divorce, just over a year and a half after they married. Due to personality clashes, the devoted couple had to split ways.


2. EXO’s Kai

Kai from EXO and Krystal from f(x) were formerly one of the sexiest Korean celebrity couples. Because they were the same age and looked great together in a photoshoot for W Korea, many fans were shipping them even before their dating news was confirmed. On April 1, 2016, Dispatch revealed their relationship. People assumed it was a prank when their relationship was revealed on April Fools' Day, but fans were pleasantly pleased when SM Entertainment confirmed it.


3. Heechul 

Heechul and Momo are a K-pop idol pair who confirmed their romance in January of last year, after Market News reported on their connection. In August 2019, the couple rejected dating rumours, however it appears that they were correct after all.


4. Twice Momo

Heechul and Momo were rumoured to have broken up on July 8, 2021, after a 1.5-year romance. Heechul's recent appearance on MBN's Falling For Korea – International Couple claimed that his gaming addiction was the reason for their breakup.


5. Suzy 

After Dispatch claimed that the two were seen on a date in Europe in March 2015, Lee Min-ho and Suzy confirmed their relationship. Suzy was in Paris for an All Saints photoshoot, and Lee Min-ho was in London for a Dior shot, thus the two initially had separate schedules in Europe.


6. Lee Minho

Suzy and Lee Min-ho The two stars dated for over two years before announcing their split in November 2017. The cause for their breakup was not disclosed, but with their hectic schedules, it must have been difficult to juggle their relationship.


7. Kang Daniel

Ji-hyo was the first TWICE member to be linked to a dating scandal, since she was rumoured to be dating Kang Daniel, a soloist. After being seen on a date at Daniel's apartment on August 1st, Dispatch declared their romance on August 5th, 2019. Their companies verified their relationship shortly after the news of their romance became public.


8. Lee Dong-Wook

Suzy and Lee Dong-wook acknowledged their romance on March 9th, 2018, after allegations of their relationship began to circulate. Suzy was entangled in a dating rumour with a big-name actor for the second time. They met for the first time in a private gathering of their friends. They began to express interest in one another and began to see each other after that.


9. Twice Jihyo

Being an idol, however, means you'll be overworked. If you're dating someone in the entertainment industry, it's likely that you both have extremely busy schedules, making it even more difficult to meet up for dates. This was discovered to be the reason for Daniel and Ji-breakup, hyo's and after a year and three months of dating, the Korean celebrity couple parted ways.


10. Song Hye-Kyo

Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo were affectionately known as the Song-Song couple after acting in Descendants of the Sun, one of the two most renowned Korean celebrity couples born from a drama they filmed together. Following the conclusion of the drama, romance rumours about the Song-Song couple appeared after they were seen shopping together in New York in 2016, and again in Nusa Dua, Bali, at the same time in 2017. Both parties initially denied the allegations.