Article: Top 10 Dating Scandals In K-POP

In South Korea, K-Pop idol dating automatically becomes a scandal because of the fandoms who treat the idols like their own and blow up the internet if their favorite idols are found to be dating somebody else, mostly these idols date secretly or don’t date at all, to avoid controversies and live a difficult life, trying not to disappoint their fans, most of these scandals are revealed by the media, who are hooked to artists and keep a watch on every step. Some of the most controversial dating scandals that have come out to the public are as follows-


1. Kang Daniel And Jihyo

Jihyo, who is the leader of the girl group TWICE, has no dating ban as most idols do. To maintain their image and career, therefore their Entertainment company, JYP, released a statement confirming their dating news, along with agreeing on articles from Kang Daniel’s label, KONNECT, which gives him the freedom and liberty to take his own decision.

2. IU And Jang Kiha

Everyone was caught off guard due to the surprising news of their relationship; IU holds a very prominent image as an idol, without any dating rumors, and to top it all, there is an 11 year age gap between the type, the entire nation was shook with this news, but soon became supportive of the couple, but they officially ended up breaking up.

3. Taeyeon And Baekhyun

EXO fame Baekhyun and Girl’s Generation’s Taeyeon were big news when they revealed their dating news, but they weren’t met with a lot of love by all of their fans, there were protests against Baekhyun asking for his removal from the band, and it created a huge stir nationwide.

4. Krystal And Kai

Easily the most loved couple back in 2016, many fans were supportive of the duo, they have been spotted on going on dates, and they have also been friends for a long time, even their agency announced their relationship officially, but a year later, the couple broke up, giving us the most overused excuse of having busy schedules.

5. Suzy And Lee Dong Wook

Their dating came as a shock to many due to their immense age gap, and while Suzy was rumored to be getting back with an ex, who is also a fellow actor, they won the hearts of many of their fans due to their adorable chemistry in real life but broke up soon after because of their busy schedules.

6. Seolhyun And Zico

Dispatch, the official agency that reveals dating scandals, had hinted at their relationship; Seolhyun belongs to the girl group, AOA, they made their relationship official and received a lot of love from their fans but broke up soon after, people state public pressure as the reason of separation.

7. Yoona And Lee Seung Gi

Lee Seung Gi, recently seen in the Drama, Mouse had once revealed that Yoona, from Girl’s generation, was his ideal type, the two got along really well, but then separated, stating their busy schedules as a reason for separation, but the couple is known to be close friends as of now.

8. Rain And Kim Tae Hee

Singer-actor Rain and actress Kim Tae hee, were revealed to be in a relationship by Dispatch and it was Rain’s first public relationship since debut; the two eventually ended up getting married and had two babies and we are happy for them because this proves that idols have fairy tale-like endings too.


9. Kai And Jennie

One of the most talked-about dating scandals of recent times, Kai has been in the news for dating rumors earlier too, but the dating was short-lived and the two broke up not long after, even after Kai’s agency hinted at their relationship in their statement, their pictures of going on a date were also revealed.


10. Heechul And Momo

Heechul famous idol from the boy band Super Junior and Twice’s Momo is one of the most recent couples who has accepted their dating news, there were rumors about them earlier, but their agencies denied such rumors earlier, but they have finally decided to come clean, from a Sunbae- Hubae relationship to couples.