Article: Top 10 Iconic Anime Duos To Enjoy Watching

A duo is a pair of two people. We imagine those two characters together for their relations, actions, strength, and personalities. They go hand-in-hand whenever even one of the characters we think. We have covered such duos, which are inseparable when we talk. Some are friendship bonds, couples, and sibling pairs, but some are hate-to-love relations, rivalry, and criminal duos. The partnership of these duos in fights laughs, and iconic situations, is what the fans cherish. Here are some of the memorable pairs in the anime account.

1. Gon & Killua

Gon Freecs is a 12-year-old boy on his journey to becoming a hunter, just like his dad, and Killua was destined for a life of isolation, having been born and raised to be an assassin. When the two meet, with a sparkling connection, their friendship is praised by the audience. Even though their ways of life are different, they train together, protect and care for each other.

2. L & Light

Light, an intelligent high school student, is the protagonist and antagonist of the show. On the other hand, L is a recognized brilliant detective. Both are involved in the Kira case, proving their rights and wrongs. Comparing the genius minds, this duo is a contrast regarding goals and reasons. Without the battle of their incredible personalities, they would never have engaged in their entertaining cat-and-mouse game in which they excel as rivals. It is a different kind of duo to enjoy watching the fighting race.

3. Isaac & Miria

The robbers Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent can be found in the anime Baccano! and also make minor cameos in the fictitious sequel anime Durarara! Miria and Isaac, destined to spend the remainder of their life, complement the fact that they share similar interests & craziness makes them get along pretty smoothly. Even though they are the most wanted criminals, they help people for justice. This criminal duo is powerful, like soulmates living together.

4. Kageyama & Hinata

It was clear that these two would make a challenging team the moment they shared the screen. Except for two things, their passion for volleyball and their stubbornness, they are essentially opposed. It turned out that was all they required to reach an understanding. Even though they frequently argue and cannot be considered friends, they are teammates who support one another no matter what.

5. Edward & Alphonse

Edward and Alphonse are brothers with alchemy powers who have seen a lot of hardships and hell situations together. This inseparable sibling duo has another relationship tag as best friends. The journey from their traumatic childhood to the mature characters, their combination of strength has defeated the enemies. The stability of their great personality and connection makes them the iconic brotherhood duo.

6. Goku & Vegeta

Goku and Vegeta, despite belonging to the same warrior race, Saiyan, initially oppose each other. Their rivalry saw them training and working hard to become more efficient than one another. Their jealousy turns into respect when the two work together against their opponents. Through the series ahead, they develop their friendship and become a powerful duo. The turning points make them an example of a great friendship duo.

7. Saitama & Genos

Saitama can beat enemies without any assistance and enjoys being with other superheroes. Genos, a student of Saitama, is a demon cyborg and nearly as strong as his tutor. Genos is now Saitama's companion and like a good friend to him. Saitama and Genos are a strange pair; they have similar views but are still quite different characters. Like Genos respects Saitama a lot, they share the same respect for each other.

8. Kagome & Inuyasha

Their relationship has spice around fights, jealousy, teasing, etc., but they care for each other intensely. It's entertaining to follow the story of how distrusting half-demon Inuyasha overcomes his trusting issues and past heartbreaks for Kagome. The romantic adventures and humorous moments between this pair, half-demon Inuyasha & Kagome (the reincarnation of a priestess), create beautiful turns in the story, making them the iconic romantic duo.

9. Meliodas & Ban

As the Goddess Clan and the Demon Clan maintain their Holy War, there is plenty of battle in The Seven Deadly Sins. Superhuman individuals with godlike abilities are everywhere on the planet, betraying and murdering one another in a struggle for dominance. The heir to the Demon throne and an immortal human were able to become the best of friends despite the hatred between the various races. The bond between Meliodas and Ban shines brightly in such a world; that is generally tragic and violent.

10. Sora & Shiro

18-years old Sora, who specializes in cold readings and strategies, and 11 years old Shiro, brilliant at calculations and logic, is a step-siblings duo pair who share a similar interest in video games but not in their behavior. The emphasis of this strategic planning combo is on upholding their position as the undefeated star players. Hence, the duo is iconic because of their strong partnership and bonding, as they can bring out the best in one another in some way.