Article: Top 10 C-Dramas Boyfriends One Wish To Have

The Chinese drama Boyfriends has increased the standard and definition of a perfect life partner for the audience. There is no denying that there are certain boyfriends in C-dramas that the audience wishes to have in real life; they are below.

1. “Xiao Nai” Of Love O2O

Xiao Nai of O2O is the perfect boyfriend in C-dramas. He is good-looking and a genius. But what tops the most is that he trusts his girlfriend and avoids misunderstandings. He is straightforward and knows what he wants. The whole drama is beautiful because there is no misunderstanding between the leads, which is rare to see in dramas.

2. “Lu Si Cheng” Of Falling Into Your Smile

Having a partner that understands you without any words is a blessing we want to have. Lu Si Cheng of Falling Into Your Smile is the perfect example. Taking care of you and understanding you is so important, just like Lu Si Cheng does for his girlfriend. He takes care of her on her period and cooks a warm meal and whatever else the girl wants.

3. “Zhang Lu Rang” Of When I Fly Towards You 

Zhang Lu Rang of When I Fly Towards You, let's write what a great boyfriend. His girl falls first, but he falls harder. Their love story is sweet and uncomplicated. From their high school to their wedding, everything about this drama is beautiful. But what is more attractive is the boyfriend who understands the pain of his girlfriend just by hearing the voice on his phone.

4. “Duan Jia Xu” Of Hidden Love

I mean, will the list be accurate if Duan Jia Xu of Hidden Love is not included? He is the greenest flag to exist. Well, what do you expect when Duan Jia Xu and Zhang Lu Rang are written by the same author? They have to be perfect. He waited till she grew up and then made a move so that she could freely enjoy her life, and the confession was beautiful.

5. “Xu Yan Shi” Of Here We Meet Again

Xu Yan Shi of Here We Meet Again also joins this list. She confesses to him, but he can’t say the same to her. After years, they met again, and this time, Xu Yan Shi most definitely would not let her go. The confession was intense, and the audience could feel the love of Xu Yan Shi for his girlfriend.

6. “Xing Ke Lei” Of You Are My Hero

Xing Ke Lei of You Are My Hero is a very powerful boyfriend as he is in the army. The drama is beautiful, as lead chemistry proves the theory. This drama is immense, and you never want it to end, as in the whole series, the boyfriend and girlfriend look after each other so beautifully.

7. “Ling Rui” Of Begin Again 

The family man, Ling Rui of Begin Again, should be included in this list. In this drama, they passed the first step of bf and gf and went straight for husband and wife. Ling Rui is the perfect boyfriend as he has a golden heart, and he takes care of his wife irrespective of their arranged marriage.

8. “Gu Weiyi” Of Put Your Head On My Shoulder 

Opposite always attracts, and the proof is C-dramas. Just like Gu Weiyi of Put Your Head On My Shoulder for his opposite type. The height difference is a central bonus point for this drama. He let her behave freely around him. He took care of her during her period and proudly announced that she was his finance.

9. “Yin Si Chen” Of Once We Get Married 

Another fictional arranged marriage and another perfect fictional husband, Yin Si Chen of Once We Get Married. Even though it was an arranged marriage, he fulfills his duty as a good husband for her is utterly perfect. He let her fulfill her dreams and support her.

10. “Dao Ming Si” Of Meteor Garden

Dao Ming Si of Meteor Garden is the perfect example that love changes everything and every person for the better. Before meeting his girlfriend, Dao Ming Si was a mess, but when he met her, she taught him what love is. The way he looks at her like she is his whole world. Just beautiful.