Article: Top 10 BL Couples That Should Have Another BL Series Again

Being a BL fan is beautiful and sad at the same time. Because once you get obsessed with the series and the lead couple, it might be hard to move on. As so many couples leave a big impact on the audience. The audience wants to see them again just to feel their on-screen chemistry and off-screen friendship again. Listed below are some of the couples that should have another BL series for the audience.

1. Krist & Singto 

If you are an old follower of BL, you might know that the hype of SOTUS is no joke. It was and is the best series that truly portrayed every emotion related to the BL community. Krist aka, Arihit, and Singto aka, Kongpob, are the backbone of the show. Their emotions, confession, and rivalry were incredible, and I would like to have another mind-blowing show by them, and I am sure it will be a hit.

2. Billkin & PP Krit

Another couple that should get another show with a good storyline is Billkin and PP Krit. Their first series, I Told Sunset About You, was a hit, but the second season was a little messed up. Their chemistry is incredible and beautiful, so having another series with an intriguing plotline would be amazing.

3. Lee Sae-on & Kang You Seok

Lee Sae-on and Kang You Seok are the lead couple in the Korean BL Light On Me. They were Noh Sinu and Woo Tae-kyung, respectively. Even though there are sixteen episodes, the chemistry of the actors has so much potential, yet the show didn't do enough justice to them. So, having a series solely based on their story would be amazing.

4. Kang Hui & Ok Jinuk

Kang Hui & Ok Jinuk were the lead couple in the Korean BL Cherry Blossoms After Winter. The story is so sweet and beautiful, and you just want it to never end. Their beautiful chemistry and height difference was a cherry on top. It's definitely a couple that should have another series.

5. Sam & Yu

Sam & Yu as Gai Shide and Zhou Shuyi in the Taiwanese BL series We Best Love and its second season. To be honest, Taiwanese BL always delivers. The chemistry, the plot line, the cinematography, everything in this series was top-notch. I would have to see them again.

6. Lee Seung Gyu & Lee Jon Hyeok

Lee Seung Gyu & Lee Jon Hyeok as Shin Ki-tae and Lee Wan in the Korean BL Our Dating Sim. I was hooked by this series the second I started it because, from chemistry to their intense scenes, everything was perfect. The only complaint, and the big one, is that the episodes are so small that we craved more.

7. Akaso Eiji & Machida Keita

Akaso Eiji & Machida Keita, played as Kurosawa and Adachi in the popular Japanese BL Cherry Magic. Everyone knows Japanese BL shows a very intense chemistry between the leads, just an eye contact or a touch shakes people’s hearts. They were outstanding in this series, and I would love to see them again.

8. Yin & War

Yin & War played the lead couple role in the Thai BL Love Mechanics. The plot line was simple, but the chemistry was intense and electric between the leads. Both did a great job in portraying the role, and the audience would love to see them again in some different action.

9. Park Seoham & Park Jae-chan

Park Seoham & Park Jae-chan as Jang Jae Young and Cho Sang Woo, respectively, in the popular Korean BL series Semantic Error. The second this series dropped, the craze of Korean BL increased as the intense chemistry of the couple was everything. Their staring and height difference made the audience hooked on them, so definitely another series will be a hit.

10. Mile & Apo

Mile & Apo is the IT couple of 2022 with their hit drama KinnPorsche. As it was a mafia and dark theme story, both did a fantastic job of creating the perfect and intense feeling for the audience. The cinematography, the dialogues, the chemistry, everything was top-notch. People are eagerly waiting to feel the same with another series of them together as a couple.