Article: Top 10 Korean Celebs Who Are Also Awesome Homemakers

We all know how important our parents are in our lives and guess what most of them are homemakers. Some of the parents always stay at home and handle every nics and nacs whereas some are working as well, handling both home and work at the same time, multi-taskers isn’t it? They don’t even think about themselves, always thinking about us no and matter what they would never compromise on us. And all of know this somewhere inside us that without them all of our lives are just meaningless and empty. Come on let’s see the list of Top 10 Korean Celebs Who Are Also Awesome Homemakers.

1. Ki Tae-young

Ki Tae-young is a popular yesteryear Korean actor, who has starred in famous Korean dramas Creating Destiny (2009), Living in Style (2011), and Make a Wish (2014). He is married to the very popular singer and actress of Korea Eugene whom we all must have remembered from K-drama The Penthouse. They have got two daughters and Ki Tae-young does almost all work in their house from feeding their daughters to cooking great food to taking his wife to dates often and many such things. Basically he is the superman of the house.

2. Park Shin-hye

Who doesn’t know Park Shin-hye come on after-all all of us knows that sweet and innocent girl The Heirs. Park Shin-hye is a typical girl who likes to live with her parents, who spends most of the time staying at home spending time with her parents and taking care of them. Not only this she is also a phenomenal cook and make most of the meals at her home.

3. Lee Jung-hyun

Lee Jung-hyun is another very popular Korean actresses. She recently appeared in the Korean movie Peninsula. She enjoys  cooking and doing household works a lot so she doesn’t even have any house-help and does all of the chores by her own. She also takes good care of her sick mother all by herself.

4. Lee Yu-ri

Another Korean actress who has charmed the K-world with her ageless beauty. She is queen of bulk cooking and does it very skilfully without even having a sigh of tiredness. Hat’s off to her. She loves baking as well.

5. Ryu Soo-young

He is one of our favourite oppa’s Ryu Soo-young. He has stolen all of our hearts from his dramas Endless Love, The Sons etc. But how many of us knew that he is an awesome cook and does many household chores. After knowing this I know you must have fallen more for your Soo-young oppa.

6. Yoo Ah-in

We all might have become a fan of this amazing Korean actor Yoo Ah-in from the famous Korean movie #Alive. We all know he is a foodie but let me tell you that he is also a great cook. Once in an interview he revealed that he can cook anything everything such an awesome skill, I think all of us would love such skills.

7. Park Jung-ah

The actress who once ruled the K-world is now ruling in her house. Yes I am talking about none other that Park Jung-ah. She now has a family and spends most of the time with her husband and her beloved daughter Ayun. She is strict mother though not letting her child having any outside food cooking everything possible at home itself. She has become a total homemaker now from taking care of her husband to taking care or her daughter, managing the house very skills without losing the cool.

8. Im Yoo-na

One thing that we weren’t knowing about the famous singer and actress Im Yoo-na was that she enjoys cooking a lot. In a TV show where show she shared that if she had time she would have learned baking as well. So all the fans out there aren’t you excited.

9. Park Sol-mi

Park Sol-mi is another Korean actress who enjoys doing household works. In an interview she shared that generally posts the pictures of the food she cooks on social media and that way she feels more inspired to do the daily chores of her house.

10. Jeon Hye-bin

Another Korean actress how has stolen hearts of many boys. Jeon Hye-bin recently got married in the year 2019 in Bali. In a recent TV show conducted by KBS she shared how she took good care of new house to which she moved recently. She said that she dusted the total house everyday, watered the plants, cooked all the meals of our house etc. She also said that this was her daily routine during the pandemic.