Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities Who Were Models Turned, Actors

Korean culture is going global now and Korean supermodels are the hottest faces of this new international trend. There’s a lot of scope for modeling in Korea and celebrities to aspirants are taking over the brands. These models work with top photographers to give an Asian finish to the look of magazine covers. These high fashion models are not the only ones who become Korea's Next Top Model but talented actors are bagging awards. Modeling agencies sign Korean actors because they are scouted for their unique looks. They are stylish, really passionate about fashion, and popular on social media pages too.

1. Sung Joon

He is the prince charming of In Style for its December issue. He changes the air with his unique style as he did in a photo shoot for 'High Cut. He personally likes acting more than modeling because he thinks people cat walking around him are better looking. He starred on the cover of Marie Claire in its December issue in 2021.


2. Lee Soo Hyuk

He debuted with the designer Lone Costume fashion show in 2006. He’s both an international and national fashion icon flaunting his ‘Voguish model' look in fashion magazines like Elle, Bazaar, and GQ. He also traveled to Europe as the runway supermodel for the esteemed Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, walking for Balenciaga and Balmain.


3. Ahn Jae Hyun

He's one of the many Korean models who are tagged with the 'best face' title. He is signed under HB Entertainment and made his debut as a fashion model in 2009. He has been connected to many fashion editorials, magazines, advertisements, and runways. He has been dropped out from Giordano and the pictorials due to a divorce controversy.


4. Kim Woo Bin

The Grim Reaper used to be the shining runway model of Seoul Fashion Week. He is the tall bad boy with a gleaming smile and a fashion sense that stands out. He shared his thoughts with Esquire Korea that he must be the most charming of all actors which makes him stand out. He dreamt of being a model and started out early in high school.


5. Jang Ki Yong

The tall and unforgettable-looking actor started out as a Fashion model who wore braces. Jang Ki Yong even won the only ‘Fashion Model Award’ at the 2014 Asian Model Award ceremony. He wanted to prove that models can act too after charming his staff on modeling sets. He used to be shy but opened up to the new attention of a model’s life.


6. Nam Joo Hyuk

He is a South Korean actor who won a modeling contest and made his debut in a fabulous modeling career in 2013. Not surprisingly he started out in a chic YG contest at the age of 19. He started out with several modeling events like the 2014 Seoul Fashion Week. Nam was named the first Korean ambassador of Dior Men in 2019.


7. Hwang In Youp

His real inner dream was of acting but his love for fashion drove him toward modeling. He started as a runway model in 2017 and in 2018 he made his acting debut. His clear and shining photoshoot is themed 'like the sun'. He said that everyone surrounding him was a mentor. In addition, he also has confident and positive visuals and interestingly he's opting for masculine roles in his acting career.


8. Wi Ha Joon

He was a model previously and made his big dream acting debut in 2012. He also gave auditions for SM Entertainment as a potential trainee but failed. He now recently earned the title of one of the Sexiest Men on TV for People Magazine. He has both visual and acting charm graced with an intense look. He's the type that looks best in casuals and his smile is good even when his face is covered.


9. Ji Chang Wook

He has earned a big achievement as the official model for the designer fashion brand Calvin Klein. The photoshoot of Calvin Klein's campaign will be released internationally with his masculine and sophisticated visuals. He is also involved in some hot on-screen chemistry in Love struck In the City. He is the sensational and stylish global ambassador for the international promotions of Calvin Klein.


10. Park Hae-Jin

The actor is the official supermodel for China’s Christian Dior on the cover of the Chinese men’s magazine L’Official Hommes. Park was also invited to the 'Dior Show' as the VIP and shows off his gentle side in the photo shoot. He also sports a charming and warm image for Mind's Bridge. He began his acting career in the KBS drama Famous Chil Princesses.