Article: Top 10 Korean Stars Who Wore It Better

Taking the same attire and creating your version of it is what makes fashion so appealing. And some people end up wearing the same outfits after taking inspiration from popular looks from the runway. There is no doubt that Korean stars wear beautiful clothing, whether simple or extravagant and sometimes they even come up with unique and trendy outfit designs that make them the best. The choices for celebrities are endless since there are so many brands and designers. There are times, though, when trailblazers get caught in similarly styled looks or wearing the same outfit. To find out who styled better these outfits of Korean stars, here are the top 10 outfit clashes.

1. Moon Tae-Il (NCT) Vs Jeon Jungkook (BTS) 

Taeil and Jungkook wear a white t-shirt with blue, dark blue, and magenta checked sweaters. Taeil of NCT U, NCT 127 selected a white choker with a silver pendant to wear with the top and, as well as a green and dark blue cap. It also matches the prime color of the outfit very well, which is very light blond, almost white hair. The aura he gives off is very cool.   Jungkook of BTS wore an elegant thin necklace, round silver earrings, and a classy ring to complement his classy outfit.  His hairstyle is natural, while his body language and attitude give off a sexy vibe.


2. Lee Ji-Eun (IU) Vs Kang Min-Kyung

IU paired her outfit with jeans. She channels effortless Parisian style with her simple look. Additionally, Kang Min-Kyung wore a textured wrap skirt with a cardigan. In combination with the ribbed knit details of the cardigan, the pleated skirt created a very stylish look.  So, according to you, who wore it better, IU or Min-Kyung?


3. Moon Byul-Yi (MAMAMOO) Vs Son Na-Eun (APINK) Vs Sunmi

Moonbyul (Moon Byul-Yi), Naeun (Son Na-Eun), and Sunmi each chose the knitted off-white cotton and green cotton Bolero cardigan from THEOPEN PRODUCT as their outfits.  Sunmi wore the green knit cardigan with the matching knit dress and combined the soft material with square-toed knee boots to create a fresh, modern look.  Meanwhile, Moonbyul styled a white version of the jacket with a cropped shirt for a street-style look.  Grass green cardigan seamlessly blends with a bright white cropped tank top, and the baggy pants added a dash of sass to the look of Naeun.


4. Choi Si-Won (SUPER JUNIOR) Vs. Doh Kyung-Soo (EXO)

They were both wearing a wool sweater from the THURSTON Plaid Sweater collection of the Parisian brand Sandro Homme. Culture Chanel opened in Seoul with Siwon (Choi Si-won) wearing the outfit. A sweater combined with dark slacks and black loafers gave Siwon an elegant look. In addition, he wore a black and white corsage around his neck.  In the Haeundae village of BIFF (Busan International Film Festival), D.O (Doh Kyung-soo) wore the same sweater for his outdoor stage greeting. With his black jeans and leather boots, he combined the shirt with a student-like appearance.


5. Park Min-Young Vs. Jessica Jung Vs. Ki Eun-Se

Featuring a V-neck and textured fabric, this cardigan from Fendi is a great pick, and it is incredibly versatile in terms of styling.  In this cute college girl look, Park Min-Young paired the jacket with a white dress and a pair of white loafers.   The romantic floral dress Jessica Jung wore with her cardigan made her look modern with a bit of a casual-chic twist. It was the retro ensemble from Ki Eun-Se, though, that caught all attention and captured hearts. Her bootcut jeans, square-heeled sandals, bag, and makeup work well together and complement each other.


6. Roseanne Park (BLACKPINK) Vs Jeon So-Mi

Rosé and Somi both wore cardigan knitted with diamonds and argyle knit high-rise shorts by Alessandra Rich.  In the stage performance of Dumb Dumb, Somi wore the above outfit.  Natural blonde pigtails balanced this outfit perfectly, which added an adorable preppy touch!  In her performance of On The Ground, Rosé wore this outfit. Straight blonde hair suits her attire perfectly, adding to its elegance!


7. Watanabe Haruto (TREASURE) Vs. Lee Je-No (NCT DREAM)

Haruto and Jeno both wore the outfit of Isabel Marant Étoile Tunic Ikaria Ecru Stitched. Haruto donned this outfit for the music video of Beautiful of Treasure, which also features in the anime Black Clover as one of the ending themes. It included Tunic Ikaria Ecru Stitched embroidery shirt by Isabel Marant Étoile, a white undershirt with white jeans.   Jeno wore this outfit for both the Hot Sauce music video of NCT Dream and the Mcountdown comeback stage. An embroidered shirt by Isabel Marant Étoile Tunic on top of black jeans comprised the whole outfit.


8. Jang Seung-Yeon (CLC) Vs. Léa (SECRET NUMBER) 

Both Seungyeon and Léa wore the silver After Party Tank by Fraiser Sterling. On September 17, 2020, Seungyeon posted a picture of herself wearing this item of clothing on Instagram. During their debut track Who Dis?, Léa wore this piece of clothing on June 9, 2020, while performing on the show.


9. Ahn Hye-Jin (MAMAMOO) Vs Han Eunji (EVERGLOW)

Mia (Han Eunji) and Hwasa (Ahn Hye-jin) both wore similar outfits of Therapy Suit Fire by Skoot Apparel. During the Music Bank performance of their comeback song HIP on November 22, 2019, Hwasa wore this piece of clothing. This piece of clothing was worn by Hwasa in the MV for HIP also. In KCON: TACT season 2, Mia wore this piece of clothing while performing their cover of How You Like That of Blackpink on October 16, 2020.


10. Son Hyun-Woo (MONSTAX) Vs Kim Seok-Woo (SF9)

The oversized knitwear worn by both Shownu and Rowoon is Shawl Collar Long Cardigan Blue by MSKN2ND.  It was Shownu (Son Hyun-woo) who wore the cardigan in Dispatch x Naver's photoshoot, as well as the V-Live x Dispatch video, both on February 21. With the oversized cardigan, he wore a white t-shirt, white sneakers, and blue jeans. Shownu added a few delicate accessories to the outfit such, as a black belt and a pair of small earrings, along with a watch. Also, his light-dyed hair and soft makeup added to his charming appearance. The aura he emits is relaxed, pulpy, and yet manly.  Rowoon (Kim Seok-woo) wore the cardigan on the show Battle Trip, which aired from the 2nd to February 23. In a similar fashion to Shownu, Rowoon chose black pants paired with a white t-shirt, white sneakers, and black belt. He opted for a natural look with no accessories. This cute and fresh style gives Rowoon an attractive look.