Article: Top 10 Intense Possessive Romance Thai Drama

Thai Drama is known for its compelling and dramatic narratives that often touch on and explore themes like passionate, possessive romance. Series with such genre make it enjoyable to watch where their possessive and obsessive character shakes your heart with their excellent performance. Thai dramas have become widely famous among viewers mainly because of their intense possessive romance genre, where the guy realizes his mistake and tries to become a better person for the girl he loves. In this list, we will explore the top 10 Thai series that portray the essence of love interlaced with jealousy and possessiveness. These dramas will take the audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions as the character deals with complex relationships that have the potential to become an obsession. Let us look into the top 10 intense possessive romance Thai dramas that will fascinate and engage the viewers with their excellent plots and characters.

1. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flower

Gorya is a poor girl who gets into a wealthy student body’s exclusive institution. The school is ruled by the four elite and wealthy boys group i.e., F4, consisting of four handsome, and spoiled boys. Gorya takes a stand against their bullying techniques that leaves the boys in awe, mainly Thyme, who is the group leader. The series portrays the character of Thyme as a bad boy, whereas Gorya is a sweet and innocent girl. The beginning of Thyme and Gorya was rough. However, Thyme falls in love with Gorya first, leading to an intense positive romance where Thyme becomes a perfect boyfriend for Gorya and at last, the two lead to a happy ending.

2. Rotation Of The Heart

Bow, her boyfriend Pong, cheats on her and gets another woman pregnant i.e., Vithinee, with whom, he is going to marry now. As a result, Bow decides to return to Thailand. Bow, feeling heartbroken and in agony from Pong, chooses to go out and get drunk at the club. There, she encounters a criminal who nearly drugged her, but, luckily Tos saves her. Tos is the elder brother of Vithinee, who is very protective of his sister. To save his sister’s wedding from being ruined by Bow, Tos decides to marry her. Tos lies to Bow's father to persuade him to consent and to preserve and uphold his daughter’s virtue he marries off Bow to Tos.

3. My Forever Sunshine

My Forever Sunshine is a series that portrays the story of Peng, a girl with a tragic life. Losing her father, Peng has to move in with Arthit. The only way she can stay at the house is to be with Arthit. However, no one thought her approach would almost cost Arthit his life. After this, he starts hating Peng a lot, which leads Peng to be exiled from his house and live far away for six years, till one day, when they meet each other. It was surprising that Arthit's hate toward Peng has increased rather than decreased. Ultimately, they overcame all the challenges together and fell in love, which was their fate.

4. Nabi, My Stepdarling

Pichet is a married man and has a son named Kawin. One day, unknowingly, Waare, Pichet's wife is found dead and Sarin, her assistant vanishes without explanation.  Sarin's sister Nabi, who considers Pichet a benefactor, begins to work at his club to uncover the information about Sirin's potential whereabouts. Kawin, the son of Pichet, flies back to Thailand to learn about his mother’s death. Previously, Kawin confessed his love for Nabi, who rejected it despite having feelings for him. However, a few misunderstandings arose, which raised the tension between them.

5. The Envy Code

Palai, the heir of a wealthy family, loses everything she owns after her parents are killed, and all their assets are taken by her aunt and cousin. To avenge her cousin, Palai starts to blackmail Siwa, the guy her cousin loves. Despite all the odds, Palai and Siwa begin to feel something for each other. The more they spend time together, the more she starts to appreciate his love and forgive him.

6. From Enemy To The Heart

Jett is a charming man with a mysterious backstory who is forced to become a hired gunman and kill Sophita, his ex-girlfriend’s sister. However, he finds himself in a dilemma between safeguarding her and completing the task given. Jett struggles to make his decision, as his possessive demeanor towards Sophita begins to surface as he wants to keep her safe from any harm. Now, if you watch the series, you will know better if Jett could protect Sophita.

7. Perfect Wife

Mr. Robert is the manager of The Plan, a company that transforms women into ideal ladies for men. Chollada is a command girl who becomes a perfect wife with the help of The Plan. Chollada is known to be the best product for the company. Mr. Robert invites Kasadit because he believes that Chollada will be a perfect fit for Kasadit, who, after meeting her, ultimately falls in love with her. However, Kasidit is unknown of whether she truly loves him or if it was a company set-up.

8. Kaew Klang Dong

The story revolves around a wealthy city boy, Songpao,  who loves the natural world, and wildlife. Songpao is well-acquainted with Mewadee's father, who lives in a village near the woods. One day, when Mewadee's father and Songpao go to the forest to camp, Mewadee's father gets killed by a tiger and before he dies, he asks Songpao to take Mewadee with him to the town and care for her. Mewadee gets bullied by a girl named Pao, who likes Songpao after Songpao brings her to the city. Things get heated when Songpao develops feelings for Mewadee.

9. Behind The Mask

Two different women, Natda and Lookkaew, get into a car accident with each other. Rachawadee, Lookkaew's mother, makes Natda undergo plastic surgery to look like her daughter Lookkaew. As Natda wakes up from a coma with a new face, she no longer has her memories. Ratt, Lokkaew's possessive boyfriend, notices changes in her behavior of Natda and begins to distrust her. However, as Natda tries to regain her memories, she falls in love with Ratt regardless of his obsessive and possessive behavior.

10. Once Upon A Time In My Heart

Fahsai is a sweet and innocent girl who gets cheated on by her boyfriend and decides to travel to Japan for a trip with her friends. There, she gets into an unexpected scenario where she finds herself held at gunpoint by Daniel Wong, a mafia in Hong Kong. Daniel orders Fahsai to take him to her room if he has to stay safe for the night. They get to know one another better throughout their first night together, and as time passes by, they develop feelings and fall in love with each other.