Article: Thai Characters That Never Got Happy Ending

We love to watch dramas because they portray emotions and demonstrate the human heart. We feel many emotions while watching these movies or shows. Thailand dramas may not be a rich source of dramatic films, but some have brilliant stories to create a lasting impression. Here we have the top ten Thai Dramas where the characters did not get a happy ending:

1. KinnPorsche

This 2022 Thai BL Drama, 'KinnPorsche,' is adapted from a web novel by Daemi with the name "KinnPorsche." Kinn, the son of a mafia boss, meets Porsche, a college student who works part-time while trying to escape from an enemy. Seeing his fighting skills, Kinn offers Porsche a job as his bodyguard. Their love begins on a problematic note. Since the drama is ongoing, fans have no clarity on what to conclude as the ending.

2. Rak Rae

This 2015 drama is from a novel by Sopak Suwan. The story of Rak Rae includes some heartbreaking scenes to knock the characters down to their lowest points of sadness. Wayoon, a language student, meets Ramin, a secretary in Vienna. They slowly fall in love and end up sleeping together. Later Wayoon finds out she is pregnant and decides to keep the baby. Ramin leaves her telling her to get an abortion, but she doesn't.

3. Leh Ratree

Leh Ratree, also known as 'A Woman's Trickery' or 'Love Trickery,' is a 2015 Romance drama. Sake finds out Kate's father stole money from his company, and he starts looking for him. When Sake finally finds him, he has to go to the hospital because of a heart condition. Kate's father, in the hospital, decides to sell his daughter to Sake to pay off his debts. Gradually Sake and Kate fall for each other.

4. Padiwaradda

Padiwaradda, also known as "Pleng Ruk Jahk Chun" or "Beloved Loyal Wife,' is a Thai drama. The most emotional scene is the Near Death Scene, filled with regret.  Rin Rapee, the adopted daughter, shows gratitude to her father by disguising herself as his daughter to meet Saran and keep the promise. Saran finds out the truth but does not wish to return his bride. They slowly fall for each other. Saran's ex-wife returns to him. There is a sense of regret in Rin's eyes because she is hiding a secret.

5. Ngao Asoke

Ngao Asoke, also known as "Asoke's Shadow," is a 2016 Thai drama. The story is about a young orphan, Bpeeyachat, who meets Monthai, a rich kid. They become friends. Due to an accident, her last family member dies, and she starts living with Viyada's family. Monthai is engaged to Viyada and goes abroad for studies. His letter to Viyada got answered by Bpeeyachat. She takes Viyada's place and meets Monthai's sick mother when he finds that out and starts to mistreat her.

6. Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan

Roy Ruk Hak Liam Tawan is a Romantic Melodrama with having plot filled with power struggles, family pressure, love triangles, and male chases, is the first part of The Rising Sun series.  The story revolves around a Thai lady named Seiko who graduated from Japan. Seiko's beauty impressed Takeshi, the son of a wealthy family. Scared to be separated from her, Takeshi starts stalking her from afar with the help of his cousin. The situation is complicated when his father arranges for a fiance for Takeshi. Takeshi becomes the target of his family's enemies, that attack him at his weakest point, his lover Seiko.

7. You're My Destiny

You're My Destiny is a Romantic Drama related to "FatedtoLoveYou." On a ship cruise, two people from different world meet and falls in love. The wheel of destiny decides your fate, but you need to decide what changes the outcome. Jia and Xi Yi will be reunited by destiny as if they had never been apart.

8. Peuan Paeng

Peuan Paeng, also known as The Sisters, is a Historical Romance drama. The story includes a love triangle between Lor and two sisters, Peuan and Paeng. Peuan is a selfish older sister of Paeng, who is tomboyish. This love triangle gets dramatic as the story proceeds with Betrayal, After marriage affairs, and Sacrifices.

9. Luead Mungkorn: Singh

Luead Mungkorn, also known as Dragon's Blood, is a 2015 Historical Romantic Drama series. The plot is a bit cruel with having a Controlling male lead, slaps, kisses, and physical and domestic abuse. Abuse dealt by a loved one can be the hardest pill to swallow. Perhaps the cruelest old grandmother you'll ever witness in any drama.

10. Piang Chai Khon Nee Chai Poo Wised

Piang Chai Khon Nee Mai Chai Poo Wised, also known as "When a man loves a Woman." The plot involves male chases after the female lead, a spoiled female lead, family relationships, and a secondary couple. The story gets harsher with the betrayal, which leaves you with tears and anger.