Article: 10 Thai Dramas Based On Spy

The espionage genre has been getting a lot of attention lately. The spy-based series is thrilling, entertaining, and mind-bending. The plots use speeding cars, high-voltage action, and captivating drama. These will make you addicted to the intriguing story and mind-blowing acting skills of the actors. These series are worth watching for their plots, direction, and camera work. These series got based on criminal organizations, mafia, drug cartels, and serial killers. They have a dark theme and a significantly deeper plot. The mind-bending sagas will make you question every step the character takes and help you debunk conspiracy theories. The series also gives a message of loyalty, the cons of betrayal, and Karma. You will be hooked on the series if you are an avid mystery and action series watcher.

1. Fak Fah Kiri Dao

The series is about Santharakat, who has a wealthy father and is a billionaire from India. He is escaping from the mafia who came from the Himalayas following him. He flees to Chiang Mai and meets Danika. It is her restaurant, and Santharakat tries to win over her, but she is already in love with a waiter named Khiri. Khiri has an emotionally abusive and alcoholic mother, and Danika is sympathetic toward him. Khiri tries to overtake Santharakat by working with Danika’s stepfather in illegal business. He didn’t stop till he entered Santharakat’s wealthy lifestyle and ruined it.

2. Cheewit Puer Kah Huajai Puer Tur

The series is about Wayu, a skilled assassin who starts liking Pavarin. Pavarin is the daughter of a business tycoon who runs a drug cartel. Wayu is an orphan who is just an assassin trained to be hostile. He has never felt the same for anyone because he has always been cold-blooded. He wants to expose Pavarin’s father to the ongoing battles between the drug cartels. But he fears that he will lose his only love.

3. Nee Ruk Nai Krong Fai

The series is about Chalita, who was seven when her parents got killed. Kevin got given a choice to save one family member and kill three members. He gets gulped by guilt and maintains his distance. Chalita got adopted by an affluent mafia, Nai Noi. He gives her everything that she missed and gives her a comfortable lifestyle. Kevin shifts next door, and their lives yet again come together. Chalita starts developing feelings for Kevin, not knowing his past. Kevin fears that Chalita will remember everything and hate him forever.

4. Rabam Mek

The series is about Nulek, who feels betrayed by her partner, Mek. She was blindly in love with him, but she suspected that there was something he was hiding. Mek is a spy, and his real name is Warit which means lion. Mek is trying to expose Nulek's corrupt father and his ulterior motives. Mek couldn't leave Nulek alone with her father. He tries to save her from his hands even when Nulek refuses to see him ever again.

5. The Crown Princess

The series is about a princess of a remote town. She is under fire after she accedes to the throne. She escapes and moves to Thailand. She is appointed a bodyguard who is also a navy officer. They start developing feelings for each other despite knowing the situation and the danger.

6. Cubic

The series is about Ruthainark, who always gets compared to her sister. She is considered unattractive, and her sister always stands out because of her appearance. Ruthainark's father is in trouble with a dangerous mafia from Hong Kong because he owes him money. Lin Lang Ser, the hostile mafia from Hong Kong, marries Ruthainark’s sister as compensation, but on the day of the marriage, the father and daughter flee away with the money. Ruthainark is held hostage by Lin Lang Ser.

7. U-Prince: The Ambitious Boss

The series is about Mantou, the daughter of a well-known mafia, who develops feelings for a man who gets attached to her, but he changes his feelings later. Mantou's marriage gets fixed with the son of another mafia, Brian. She turns down the proposal and is rigid that she won't ever marry Brian. But Brian has loved Mantou since high school, but she is unaware. Brian tries hard to control his envy and make Mantou fall for him.

8. Pee Roon Pram Ruk

The series is about the boss of thugs, Logan, who is attacked and left unconscious after a fight in the car parking. A doctor sees him lying senseless and helps him to recover. Logan had lost his memory and couldn’t even recognize himself. He starts developing feelings for Chamin. Someone from Logan’s old times tries to instigate him again. They have a heated argument, and Logan is pushed to the wall and gets hurt in the head again. Logan can recover his memory but can’t remember anything about Chamin or things related to her and is all alone. After a long time, they meet again at the hospital where Chamin works, but Logan is there to treat his five years old kid.

9. Morrasoom Sawat

The series is about Sayumphu, the head of a gangster organization. He wanted to bury his past and create a better life for himself. Kwang is a young girl who attends school and is very naive. The gangster falls in love with Kwang, but they get away from each other because of a misunderstanding, which is tough to resolve.

10. The Mind Game

The series is about a man who has concealed his secret powers for a long time but has to do everything in his hand to prove himself innocent. He becomes the prime suspect in a robbery and needs to prove that he is not guilty of the charges. He and his team investigate the case secretly and find the real culprit.