Article: Top 10 Must-Watch Slice-Of-Life Korean Dramas

Slice-of-Life-themed K-dramas depict the actual representation of the ordinary lives of ordinary people. It shows that Life isn’t fantasy, and there are many aspects to dwell on. This genre of K-dramas warms, heals, and comforts people in their hard times. An avid K-drama watcher loves to spend their time watching realistic dramas that curl up the very essence of real Life. The spectacle and boring occurring of Life have usually shown in a beautiful and heart-wrenchingly way. This type of genre is thought-provoking, beautiful, and heartbreaking. Here is the list of top Must-Watch Slice-of-Life Korean dramas.

1. Reply 1988

Reply 1988, the most comforting and famous among the three seasons of the Reply series, stands as the favorite among K-drama watchers. The drama revolves around the life of five friends and how they grew up in the era of the 80s when people preferred meeting each other, unlike in the 21st century when people are busy on their mobile phones.

The viewers loved the comforting and healing sequence of the drama, where the leads talked about their past and present in a very thoughtful manner.

2. Prison Playbook

Set in a Prison, Prison Playbook deals with the struggles of not-so-common people but the lives of prisoners. Unlike dark-themed dramas, Prison Playbook was somewhat cynical, funny, enjoyable, and a perfect healing drama.

The journey of every single character takes you on an emotional roller-coaster ride. The backstory, character development, main lead’s friendship, and perseverance inspire people to be a better version of themselves.

3. Move To Heaven

One of the most underrated, potent, and comforting dramas of 2021, Move to Heaven, pulls your heartstrings and makes you sob at every other episode. The drama is based on the life of ‘Trauma Cleaners’ who are obliged to clean the crime scene of the deceased and collect their belongings to return them to the right owner.

Han Ge Ru, with Asperger’s syndrome, goes on a journey of bidding goodbye to the people who died alone. He develops a beautiful bond,with his uncle further in the drama. The drama is heart-wrecking but successfully portrays the meaning of Life and Death in every other episode

4. My Mister

If you are looking for a comforting yet depressing drama, then ‘My Mister’ is for you. My Mister depicts the beautiful relationship between 40-year-old Park Dong Hoon and 20-year-old Lee Ji-ah. Park Dong Haan is occupied with a stressful life and feels free whenever he talks with Lee Ji-Ah. Lee Ji-Ah with traumatic experiences confides in Park Dong Hoon.

My Mister takes you on an emotional journey where you find yourself healing with the character.

5. Hospital Playlist

Hospital Playlist is a healing and romance drama that takes you on a journey with five friends. The five friends have been sharing this beautiful bond of friendship for the past 20 years. They now work together as doctors, saving people and sometimes encountering the truth of Life.

The drama takes you on the entire journey of a person’s life, playing every significant episode of one’s Life.

6. Misaeng: Incomplete Life

Misaeng was a super hit drama in Korea back in 2014. The netizens loved how this drama realistically portrayed the different types of employees in the corporate world. The drama depicted how an intern with connections but no skills has joined a company and struggles to pass every obstacle.

With both talented and exciting stories of the employee, the drama brings immense comfort to the viewers.

7. My Liberation Notes

My Liberation Diary is the perfect drama for the Introvert Nation. The drama takes you on a Journey with three siblings and an alcoholic man. The drama explores how each of these characters takes steps to liberate themselves from the monotony of life. The drama shows how life isn’t a fairytale and tells the tales of ordinary people.

8. Tomorrow

One of the most significant dramas of 2022, ‘Tomorrow’ holds a special place in the viewer’s hearts. The drama deals with pertinent and sensitive issues like Suicide, Mental Health, Comfort Women, Bullying, and many more.

The fantasy drama depicts how Grim Reapers saved people lives who had decided to end their lives. The drama brought an ample amount of comfort and healing to the viewers.

9. Because This Is My First Life

The drama brings in the concept of contract marriage, where the leads decide to share the same roof under particular conditions. The female lead, who is an aspiring writer, wanted a place to stay, and the male lead wanted to escape the naggings of his Mother to get married.

The drama changes one’s perception of marriage and brings in comforting vibe to the public.

10. Our Blues

Set on Jeju Island, the drama involves the tales and stories of diverse people who are connected, with its comforting energy, dwells upon the lives of ordinary people, and takes you on a journey of how they deal with it.

As the quote from the last episode of the drama states, ‘There is one thing we must remember in our Lifetime. We weren’t born into this world to suffer or feel miserable. We were born to be happy.’ This is what drama wanted to convey through different stories.