Article: Top 10 Korean Movies On Netflix

South Korea is famous for K-pop and K-drama. Growth of the Korean entertainment industry has been impeccable. Increase in the popularity of K-pop and K-drama has led to an increase in the development of the country in terms of tourism, sales, etc. This has increased the value of its film industry to some extent. South Korean movies have the best plot and it makes the audience addicted on them.

1. Kill Boksoon

Kill Boksoon is a Korean action film. It is about an organization in Korea that is kept secret from the outside world. The main character, Gil Boksoon, also known as Kill Boksoon in the organization, is an assassin and a single mother. She is one of the best assassins in her organization and has never missed her target.

2. 20th Century Girl

It is a beautiful movie, which has some charm to make the audience watch it again and again. It is about a sweet and kind teenage love. This movie is a mixture of 90s outdated technology with modern tropes. It has made many audiences feel nostalgic and has allowed many of them to reminisce about the times when things were simpler and less complicated in terms of society and pursuing their love.

3. Alive

Korean zombie movies have been famous worldwide. This movie is about the survival of two main characters during the zombie apocalypse. Oh-Joon-Woo is a gamer stuck in his apartment during the zombie outbreak with limited food. As the day passes by, his food supply is almost over, and slowly, he loses his hope about getting rescued. Later, the other survivor who lives across from his building sees him, and then they gather together to survive and get rescued by the rescue team.

4. Unlocked

People who are a fan of psychological thriller films will love this movie. Lee Na-Mi (the main character), who works in a start-up company as a marketer, loses her phone while traveling on the bus on her way home. This movie is all based on the wrong usage of technology. As her phone gets into the hands of the wrong person, he uses the voice changer to instruct her to pick up her phone from the repair shop. So that he can get her password and access it by installing spyware on her phone, this movie has a lot of mystery, which makes it very interesting.

5. The Call

The Call is a mystery thriller film. The main character, Park Shin-Hye, finds an old phone at her childhood place, where she starts getting calls from a woman who claims to be calling from 20 years ago. Both of them are living complex lives, they seek comfort in each other while talking on the phone. But their happiness doesn’t last long as things get complicated when they mess up with the future.

6. Psychokinesis

It is an action-plus adventure movie, and it is also one of the first superhero movies in South Korea. This movie is about a down-on-luck security guard whom people usually don’t expect to be a superhero.  But when a strange meteor granted him the power of telekinesis, he tried to turn his life and help his daughter save her business from the construction company.

7. The Bros

It is one of the funniest adventure movies of all time in South Korea. It is about two very different brothers who have to work together after the death of their father. They have to do all the traditional things which are done during the funeral procedures of Korea. The older brother is a bit immature and has a dream to find some secret treasures in the family land. The younger is ambitious and uses the funeral to convince his family to sell the land. These two brothers haven’t spoken to each other since the death of their mother.

8. Forgotten

It is a Psychological thriller mystery film. This movie is about a young man living a simple life with his family. One day, he sees his brother being kidnapped by some men on the street. His life alters and becomes complicated after his brother returns home 19 days later. This movie is quite an unpredictable one, and it makes the audience intrigued by the twists and turns.

9. Space Sweepers

South Korea has made movies about almost every genre. Space Sweeper is a Sci-fi movie about a time in the future when the Earth has become inhabitable and people have gone to space to live. This movie projects the struggle of the people who aren’t rich enough to provide a proper life in the space. It focuses on the crew who are very close to each other, and must face off the big corporation named UTS.

10. High Society

This movie is about a couple who will go to any lengths to enter high society. The husband is a professor who becomes famous when he saves the life of a burning man, and after being famous, he decides to enter politics. His wife, on the other hand, is a deputy director and curator of a renowned art gallery.