Article: Top 10 Age Gap Romance Mangas

Romance mangas are a very popular genre, but when it comes to age gaps, some dismissals can be seen. Yet, it can also be a big hit for others due to the thrill that these unconventional romances provide. Here is a list of ten romance mangas with a good age gap between the leads, but still not failing to provide the fluffiest and cutest romances of all time.

1. Takane And Hana

Hana hesitantly agrees to go on a blind date with Takane, a wealthy heir, while posing as her sister Yukari. Hana becomes enraged at Takane's arrogant behaviour, tosses her wig, and storms out. Takane is surprisingly attracted by Hana's lack of interest in his good looks and fortune. Unlike most shojo mangas where the female lead is docile, 16-year-old Hana isn't afraid to argue at length with the male lead, therefore you will love the romantic banter here.

2. Tsuiraku JK To Haijin Kyoushi

Mikoto stands on the school roof and considers jumping, broken by rejection. When she's ready to, her teacher Jin appears without warning, talks her down, and then unexpectedly asks her out, therefore confusing her more. The male lead is a walking green flag, so despite the age gap, you are going to root for their romance. What’s more, it even has a drama released this year to look forward to.

3. Promise Cinderella

When Hayame confronts her cheating husband Masahiro, she faces an unexpected divorce request. Fuming, she leaves with a suitcase but ends up robbed and homeless in a park. There, she's bothered by Issei, a wealthy high schooler who offers her shelter in exchange for participating in his games, putting her pride at stake. This manga has a unique character setting, for the male lead is younger than the female lead.

4. Dengeki Daisy

Teru communicates with an anonymous boy named Daisy through a special cell phone her late brother gave her. She meets the grumpy caretaker Tasuku Kurosaki, who is also mysterious Daisy when she unintentionally destroys a classroom window. Tasuku needs to help Teru without revealing who he really is. The plot line is one of the best in this list since it is not a simple daily love story. Complicated histories along with links to the criminal world make the manga worthwhile to read.

5. Living Room Matsunaga-San

Meeko Sonoda, a high school student, relocates to her uncle's boarding house while her parents look after her elderly grandma. With the help of the strange residents she meets, such as the cranky Matsunaga-san, she adjusts to her new life apart from her parents. Meeko gradually comes to the realization that she is falling for Matsunaga-san, stressing the difficulties she faces in juggling her youth and her newfound affection. Meeko is such an adorable character, so when you see her feelings getting returned by the older male, you cannot help but squeal with happiness for her.

6. Love So Life

High school freshman Shiharu Nakamura accepts a position as nanny for a pair of cute twins who are being raised by their uncle Seiji Matsunaga. In a delightful slice-of-life tale, the story develops via their regular routines as they run errands, make lasting memories, and forge romantic bonds. The cherry on the top is the babies, whose goofy antics are the highlight of each chapter in the manga.

7. Faster Than A Kiss

After their parents pass away, Fumino Kaji and her younger brother Teppei decide to leave the house to avoid being passed around by their family. Unexpectedly, their English teacher, Kazuma, offers to house them. As a joke, Fumino suggests he accept her as his wife, and he does. They currently live together in a faux marriage, but as they grow closer, they are forced to keep their relationship a secret from their classmates. The chemistry between Kazuma and Fumino is top-notch, but the relationship between Teppei and Kazuma is even more adorable, so that is an extra icing on the cake.

8. Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet

Ohno Fumi, a high school student, finds out that her father's struggles have resulted in a significant debt. She accepts a position as a housekeeper for novelist Akatsuki Kibikino in order to begin paying it off. Fumi suddenly falls in love with the young and attractive author despite his initial rudeness and their age difference. This manga has a huge age gap. However, its marvelous art style and the slow-burn romance will make it a good guilty pleasure for you.

9. Sensei Kunshu

Ayuha Samaru, an air-headed yet sincere girl, has confessed her love seven times without success, feeling hopeless about romance. Her condition is made more frustrating by the fact that her pals are all content in relationships. But when she meets Yoshitaka Hiromitsu, a handsome and direct substitute homeroom teacher, she falls in love. This raises the question of whether or not it is a genuine romantic relationship or just a brief fad. Ayuha is a foolish and clumsy girl, so her chemistry with the much more serious male lead makes this manga a good read.

10. Papillon: Hana To Chou

Ageha Mizuki, who is frequently overshadowed by her stunning twin sister Hana, has had a crush on Ryuusei since they were young kids. A strange school counselor named Kyuu-chan gives her the courage to improve herself when she finds it difficult to ask him out. The situation is made chaotic, though, as Hana starts feeling something for Ryuusei as well. Perhaps the most interesting character here is Hana. From the beginning, you are bound to feel pure hatred for her, but as things progress this manga teaches you not to see people with a black-white lens.