Article: Top 10 Korean Celebrities With Royal Connections

Every Kim is from a different family in Korea but now the Korean royalty only lives in paper and genealogy. Korean rule lasted till the Japanese rule in Korea. Some famous celebrities belong to powerful families as distant relatives. Not surprisingly you can guess the Korean celebrities’ royal clan just by the look on their face. Joseon was a Korean dynasty that was the last kingdom of Korea. So K drama titles may also have secrets of the royal family behind them. So these nobles have royalty and talent in their blood. Agust D has finally taken over his title in Daechwita as a really serious K-pop ‘clan prince’.

1. Solar

The passionate leader of Mamamoo, Kim Young Sun belongs to Gwangsan Kim Clan. The royal girl also made a deserved Queen’s appearance for ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen wearing a crown. This clan was a descendant family of Kim Heung gwang, the third prince of King Sinmu of Silla and the 45th monarch of the Silla dynasty.


2. Hongjoong

ATEEZ has a prince from the famous Gwangsan Kim clan like Taehyung who comes from Gwangju. He descends from the prince of King Sin Mu of Silla, Kim Heung Gwang. He was never a king but he had his own scholars and this list was long. He uncovered this mystery on a reality TV show on Mnet.


3. Beomgyu

The TXT member looks like an unreal prince and also has real royal blood. He belongs to the Gyeongju Choi Clan and indeed continues his royal legacy by living the life of a Prince. His ancestors were also social workers who worked for those in trouble and were loved by the people. They were respected and wealthy for 300 years.


4. Sunny 

She is from the royal clan of Jeonju Lee Chan and the founder of the Joseon Dynasty of King Taejo of Joseon. This clan is of a royal family and high positioned officials. She is a Korean- American SNSD star whose uncle is the founder of SM Entertainment. She is the descendant of Prince Hyoryeoeng of King Taejong.


5. Lee Da In And Lee Yu-Bi

Both the pretty princesses are from the Hwanggan Kyeon clan and the sisters’ lifestyle certainly looks royal. Their mom belongs to the Kyeon Hwon family who was the first king of the Hubaekje Kingdom. He ruled from 892 to 935 in the Later Three Kingdoms of Korea. The family is not rich because of royalty but their mother is a popular actress.


6. Choi Si Won

He is a K-pop Idol who descends from a Korean kingdom and his father’s ancestor is King Cheojong on the 25th. His mother was also connected to King Hyojong. He’s rich and aristocratic which comes from real royalty in his blood. His sister revealed their family history which shocked everyone with the SUPER JUNIOR Prince.


7. Lee Seung Gi

His family is of the Kings of the Joseon Dynasty and his ancestry comes from the prince Yang Yeong who is the eldest brother of King Sejong. The throne belongs to someone royal with literature and calligraphy skills and he also played a Prince in the Kdrama 'The King 2 Hearts’.


8. Jisoo

Our queen has a graceful vibe which undoubtedly comes from her royal connections. So her plain appearance also has royal blood which makes her a high-maintenance drama princess. She has blue blood which comes from the Gyeongju Clan which has ruled for thousands of years. Her Silla Dynasty had a long-ruling history between 57 BC- 935 AD.


9. Min Suga

Suga is a descendant of a powerful clan during the Joseon Dynasty called Yeoheung Min Clan. He confirmed this himself in a V live and revealed that his family had a high position in the clan. So our grandpa is really King Daechwita and his grandmamma is a Korean empress. This makes The Boss a royal-blooded prince too!


10. BTS Seokjin 

Worldwide Handsome is the descendant of the Gwangsan Clan which belongs to the Joseon dynasty. This dynasty ruled at a very important time in Korea's history and formed the norms and traditions for 500 years. No doubt Kim Seokjin has a royal face so that is not hard to guess. He's also related to a royal scholar so we have a prince with a privileged family.