Article: Top 10 Thai Movies With Female Leads

Today's world is a far cry from the world a few centuries ago in terms of equality. Women were not allowed to act in stage plays and men represented the female characters in such roles. The female role was usually only typical dainty air-headed love interests who did not have any background or depth to them. But now we see movies with female leads and a variety of characters ranging from strong villains to independent best friends that prove that girls come in all shapes and sizes. If you are interested in some, here are the Top 10 Thai Movies With Female Leads.

1. Bangkok Traffic Love Story

Bangkok Traffic Love Story follows Mei Li who is a young innocent girl sick of hearing news about her colleagues and friends getting hitched or getting pregnant. However, she finds a man Loong on the same train as hers and clicks with him, but decides to take matters into her own hands and pursue him.

Bangkok Traffic Love Story


2. Bad Genius

Bad Genius follows the story of Lynn, a high schooler who is one of the toppers at her school, but decides to get involved in a cheating ring with her friends and devises a genius system to escape the eyes of the authorities, one which takes them to new heights internationally.


3. A Little Thing Called Love

A Crazy Little Thing Called Love follows Nam, a seventh-grader that convinces herself that to win over her love, senior Chon, she must transform from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.  She devises increasingly different schemes to get his attention but all along, he was in love with her as well.


4. Queens Of Langkasuka

Queens of Langkasuka follows three royal lieges, Queen Hijau, Princess Ungu, and Princess Biru that ally together to save their kingdom and citizens from the impeding pirate armada led by Captain Black Raven, who has forged a dangerous alliance with rebel prince Rawai.


5. Where We Belong

Where We Belong is a sweet story that follows the tale of Sue who plans on leaving for Finland on a scholarship to escape her parents. She spends one final summer with her best friend and then starts to realize that letting her go and moving away might prove to be more difficult than she imagined.

Where We Belong


6. Happy Old Year

Happy Old Year is a touching film about the main lead Jean who is cleaning up her storage to make space for her office at home. While she does this, she keeps finding mementos and traces of her ex-boyfriend who used to live with her and reminisces her relationship with him.


7. Chocolate

Chocolate is an action-packed film that follows young martial artist Zen who finds her mother diagnosed with terminal cancer and has to gather enough funds to pay for her chemo treatment. She stumbles across a book filled with debts to be collected by her mom and goes about trying to do so.


8. Yes Or No

Yes or No is an LGBTQ romance that talks about societal fetishizing and stigma regarding female same-sex relationships. This story follows Pie who finds herself rooming with butch Kim and has to help her friend Jane catch Kim's attention but finds herself falling for Kim as well.

Yes Or No


9. Suddenly Twenty

Suddenly Twenty features Davika Hoorne and is based on a Korean film. It tells the story of a grumpy old lady Parn who transforms into her 20-year-old self and finds herself doing all the things she regretted not doing in her past, while also trying to convince her family that it is her.

Suddenly Twenty


10. The Legend Of Suriyothai

The Legend of Suriyothai stars Thai actress and singer Mai Charoenpura as the lead, Queen Suriyothai, who lays her life down when she blockades her army and King from the fire of the Burmese army with her war elephant, in an act of display that would be celebrated in generations to come.

The Legend Of Suriyothai