Article: TOP 10 Thai Remakes Of Kdramas

Over the past few years, the popularity of Thai dramas has been increasing due to their unique storyline or adaptations from varied languages. These dramas sometimes might have a better take or a bigger fanbase than the original ones. Renowned Korean dramas like Boys over Flowers, Princess Hours, and Full House have also been adapted as Thai remakes with an equal amount of popularity. Let’s look at some of the famous Thai remakes of KDramas:

1. Beauty Newbie

This will be one of the latest Thai adaptations and it’s a remake of a popular Korean drama titled ‘My ID is Gangnam Beauty’, which was released in 2018. The plot revolved around Prima Paspimoi, a young girl, who was insecure about her appearance and bullied by others, underwent plastic surgery to transform herself. Eventually, she met a guy from the same university who appreciated a person’s personality rather than their appearance which later bloomed into a cute love story.

2. Secret Garden

This drama was an adaptation of the popular Kdrama of the same name and had been released in 2019. With its own tweaks to the original one, this drama gained a massive fanbase for itself. The plot revolved around a poor and humble stuntwoman, Veena, and an arrogant CEO, Thanat who suddenly switched bodies due to a strange misunderstanding. Actors like Bifern Pimchanok and Ananda Everingham did a fantastic job of portraying the story and won the hearts of audiences worldwide.

3. Coffee Prince

This drama was an adaptation of a Korean drama of the same name and starred actors like Maxine Inthiporn and Mac Weeradon. The story revolved around a hardworking tomboyish girl, often mistaken for a boy and Win a rich blood guy, who was forced to open a coffee shop and run it by himself. The essence of the original drama was maintained and the actors also did justice to the characters they portrayed.

4. Full House

This Thai adaptation of a Korean drama of the same name was released in 2014. The story revolved around an aspiring scriptwriter, Aomame, who had been fooled by her broke sister and her boyfriend by selling out her house, while she was away in Korea. Over there, she met the famous and rich actor/singer, Mike de Angelo, with whom she ends up on bad terms. Later, she returned and realized that Mike was the new owner of her house which eventually set the soil for their budding romance. This drama had renowned actors like Mike Angelo and Sushar Manaying who gained a massive fanbase for themselves.

5. My Love From Another Star

An adaptation of a Korean drama titled ‘My Love From The Star’, revolved around a relationship between an alien named, Achira who happens to get stranded on Earth, and Falada, a famous actress. Achira had come down to Earth to research the planet and in a sudden course of events, he had to save Falada which made him late for his return. Their romance bloomed just three months before his departure which journeyed through different kinds of ups and downs. This drama was able to hook the audience till the end.

6. Me Always You

An adaptation of ‘She Was Pretty’, this 2021 Thai drama, revolved around a young and beautiful girl, Ploypailin, from a formerly wealthy family who later experienced bankruptcy, and her childhood, chubby friend and first love, Kevin. Their relationship bloomed when Ploypailin, whose beauty had now deterred due to the sudden changes in her life, joined as an intern in a fashion magazine that housed Kevin as the senior editor. The story took the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, which made it a delight to watch!

7. Who Are You

Adapted from a Korean drama, titled ‘Who Are You: School 2015’, this Thai remake was released in 2020. It revolved around a pair of identical twins, Mind and Meen who were separated and living different lives, one as an orphan and the other with a rich mother. Mind was subjected to constant bullying at school which forced her to take her life, however, she survived, but with memory loss. On the other hand, Meen was dead and her mother requested the amnesic Mind to replace her daughter’s life. Eventually, the story reveals different layers of upsetting truths which kept the audience hooked to their seats.

8. Unlucky Ploy

A Thai remake of ‘Another Miss Oh’, this drama revolved around two girls with the same name, ‘Ploy’, but living different lives. One of them was teased by everyone and the other was fawned over by all. Amidst both of them, gets entangled, the lead character of the story, Naii, who had suddenly developed the ability to predict the future. This drama was a light-hearted package of romance, comedy, and drama and a great weekend recommendation!

9. Oh My Ghost

This 2018 drama was an adaptation of a Korean drama of the same name and revolved around a humble girl, Jiew who worked at a restaurant where she washed the dishes and was in love with the restaurant’s chef, Arit. Jiew had a secret ability to see ghosts and was constantly troubled by a virgin spirit, Khaopun, who couldn’t relieve her soul. The spirit thought that, probably losing her virginity would be her pass to heaven, so the story layered around fun moments of her using Jiew’s body to seduce Arit. This drama had a mixture of drama, comedy, and romance, which made it binge-worthy!

10. Princess Hours

A 2017 adaptation of a 2006 Korean drama, this Thai remake followed the story of the crown prince In and an ordinary girl, Kaning who got married due to forced events. The prince also had a close friend/ex-girlfriend, who had earlier rejected the marriage proposal of In and now regretted her decision. The story followed multiple layers of characters like an ex-girlfriend wanting the prince back, the former princess wanting her son to replace the prince, and the bickering between In and Kanning which kept the audience entertained till the end.